Fitting a Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit – Picture Guide

Posted: April 24, 2019 by goodshoutmedia in Reference


How to fit an electronic ignition kit:

With the ignition switched off, disconnect the live feed at the coil ensuring it is on the +ve side of the coil.

Remove the distributor cap, rotor arm, contact points and condenser carefully, retaining the screws and withdraw the wires through the distributor body.




Test fit the module first and then apply the silicone grease provided (3 small dots only) to the underside of the module baseplate, leave the screws fitted. (If your kit is already on a plate then the heat grease is on out of the box)

Ensure that there is good continuity from the kit plate to the points baseplate through the internal earth wire inside the distributor. If there is not one present you may need to add one to give good continuity to the kit.

Check there is sufficient slack in the wires inside the distributor body for the base plate to turn when a vacuum unit is fitted, inserting the rubber plug to seal and secure the wires in the distributor body, use a small cable tie to keep these out of the way of moving parts.

Fit the new black trigger ring pressing down gently onto the shaft. On occasion the ring can be tight and may need to be carefully rubbed to make it wider. Only do this to make minor alterations.

Fit the rotor arm and rotate the spindle to check there is clearance between the module and the trigger, and that the rotor arm does not foul the module.

The kit will find it’s own position but if the ring and kit touch then move the module to achieve a close but not touching position (4 or 5 mm maximum) and tighten the screws firmly for good heat distribution.


Locate the live feed to the coil (ensure this goes to the positive side of the coil) then connect the red Powerspark® wire to the positive coil terminal ensuring no other wire is on that same side.

Remember that some coils will not show a PLUS+ or MINUS- marking or it could be faded.

Older coils can also be marked:

15 for positive and 1 for negative.


Failure to connect the wires correctly will result in damage to the Powerspark module!!!

Refit the distributor cap, start the engine and check the dynamic ignition timing and adjust where necessary.



  1. Rick Bosetti says:

    I have a Lucas Sport Coil that is a ballasted version. Do I still attached the red wire to the positive side of the coil? The ignition wire and ballast wire are already connected there.
    I have a 1975 Triumph TR6.

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