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“Late on Friday night my wife popped out to put the electronically operated roof back on our convertible Golf 2.0 MK3, as we’d had the top down earlier in the day. To do that you need the keys in the ignition….

On Monday morning, we couldn’t find the keys… sure enough, they were in the ignition, with the key at position 2. Needless to say, the battery couldn’t be flatter. We grabbed an Ampstore from Powerspark, and straight out of the box without even charging the device up it started the Golf almost immediately. Buy one. Buy one now”


Quick Links – Ignition Bundles

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Logo_0008_ford Anglia 100E
Logo_0008_ford Pinto
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Logo_0008_ford Crossflow
Logo_0008_ford Essex V6
Logo_0008_ford Zephyr & Zodiac 6 Cyl
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morris Minor
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Logo_0002_triumph Spitfire 1500
Logo_0002_triumph Spitfire 1147cc / 1298cc
Logo_0002_triumph Toledo, Dolomite
Logo_0002_triumph TR6, GT6, Vitesse, 2.5, 2500
Logo_0005_vw Air Cooled Engines

GDPR Policy and Privacy Policy Update

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In the light of the above we’ve updated our Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policyto give you greater control and a clearer understanding of the data we hold and how we use it. As ever with Berlinetta, we’ve tried to make all this as clear and easy to understand as possible. Please have a spin through these documents and if there is anything that doesn’t look right, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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May Bank Holiday Photo Competition Entrants

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For the early May Bank Holiday 2018 we ran a Bank Holiday Photo Competition. Here’s a rundown of all the entrants:

Powerspark Facebook Competition Tim Copland

Powerspark Facebook Competition Tim Borrett

Powerspark Facebook Competition Steve Telfer

Powerspark Facebook Competition Sheenagh Burdell

Powerspark Facebook Competition Richard Wharmby

Powerspark Facebook Competition Owen McClintock

Powerspark Facebook Competition Nik Bagshaw

Powerspark Facebook Competition Neil Gavin

Powerspark Facebook Competition Mark Worthington

Powerspark Facebook Competition Les Golden

Powerspark Facebook Competition La-Toya Austin

Powerspark Facebook Competition Kris Henson

Powerspark Facebook Competition Kris Henson 

Powerspark Facebook Competition Kevin Medley

Powerspark Facebook Competition Julie Watson

Powerspark Facebook Competition Jeni Flair

Powerspark Facebook Competition J.H.Evans

Powerspark Facebook Competition Diego Francois

Powerspark Facebook Competition Damon Blackmer

Powerspark Facebook Competition Cornel Vulcanean

Powerspark Facebook Competition Bob Cobley

Powerspark Facebook Competition Barry Wales

Powerspark Facebook Competition Barry Knght

Powerspark Facebook Competition Andre Filipe

Powerspark Facebook Competition Andra Mariana Dobre

Powerspark Facebook Competition Allen Butcher

Powerspark Ignition Catalogue 2018

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Powerspark Catalogue 2018 Version 1

Powerspark Catalogue 2018 Version 2

This afternoon we were visited by this fantastic California import VW Splittie and just had to share a photo! What a wonderful colour.


We are often asked ‘which electronic ignition kit do I need for my car’… Well, this guide should help.

Bosch distributors are usually found in Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Saab, and Volvo vehicles, as well as other European manufacturers.

Bosch distributors are either 1 piece or 2 piece construction, and have Left Hand or Right Hand Points Sets.

The photo below shows which Electronic Ignition Kit (The K Number) you’ll need for your Bosch distributor.


Simple click on the links below to find the electronic ignition kit you need:

1 Piece, Left Hand Points > K9 for 4 Cylinder and K11 for 6 Cylinder

1 Piece, Right Hand Points > K6 for 4 Cylinder and K10 for 6 Cylinder

( and K10_18.65 for 6 Cylinder distributors with a bigger shaft )

2 Piece, Left Hand Points > K18 for 4 Cylinder and K22 for 6 Cylinder

2 Piece, Right Hand Points > K14 for 4 Cylinder and K16 for 6 Cylinder

2 Piece, Right Hand Points (Separated) > K19 for 4 Cylinder

TVR vehicles and their engines

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Griffith & Chimaera
Griffith & Chimaera
Griffith & Chimaera

Need a lead for your Big Cat?

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OK the cat joke was bad… These HT Lead sets are suitable for E Type, XK 120, 140, 150, MK2, XJ Models, Daimler Sovereigns and more. Look no further for your classic Jaguar HT leads.

Red HT Leads for 6 Cylinder Jaguars –

Black HT Leads for 6 Cylinder Jaguars –

E Type 1966

Photo Credit:

1966 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2-Litre Fixed Head Coupe

To be sold by Monterey Auctions, August 18, 2017, Estimated $125,000 – $175,000, no reserve

Fitment Guide for 4-cylinder Prestolite and Autolite nonvacuum-advance Distributors


List of vehicles that used the 4 Cylinder Prestolite and Autolite nonvacuum advance distributor as follows:


1953-57 4-cyl VG4, VR4 IAD-6004-2F
1957-85 4-cyl VG-4D, VH-4DM IAD-6004-2F, 2N
1957-85 4-cyl VG4D, VH-4, VR-4D, V460D, VE-4, VF-4, VP-4D IAD-6004-2F

Allis Chalmers

1957-58 4-cyl 4B-153, 4B-182 IAD-6003-1A Autolite


1961-66 4-cyl Hercules IXLB engines IAD-6003B Autolite/Prestolite


1951-72 4-cyl 4B-153, 182 IAD-6003-1A Autolite/Prestolite
1952-53 4-cyl FT-30, 40, 50, 60, TG IAD-6003-1A Autolite


All 4-cyl 148 gas engine IAD-6003-2K Autolite
All 4-cyl Utility 435-LCK, (Own G188); 480CK IAD-6003-2J Autolite
All 4-cyl Lift Truck 580CK, (Own G159); Utility 500, 535, CLK IAD-6003-2F Autolite
All 4-cyl P-50 Hydra Place (Own G188) IAD-6003-2F Autolite
All 4-cyl SK1D (Gas, LPG) IAD-6003-1B Autolite
All 4-cyl 319 Power Unit IAD-6003-2J Autolite
All 4-cyl Lift Trucks (Own VA 339) IAD-6003-2F Autolite

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.

1955-63 4-cyl 75PG-20 IAD-6003B Autolite/Prestolite
1955-72 4-cyl 125RG-2 IAD-4037 Autolite/Prestolite
1958-71 4-cyl 125RG-1; 125RG-2 (Hercules G-2000 engine) IAD-4043


1959-73 4-cyl 85RG-2 (Continental F162 engine) IAD-6004-1C Autolite/Prestolite


All 4-cyl F4 engine IAD Series Autolite
All 4-cyl Y engines IAD Series Autolite
All 4-cyl G, H, J, N engines IAD Series Autolite


All 4-cyl Own CD engine IAD-4038 Autolite

Earth Master

All 4-cyl C, CH, CN, CNH, D, DH IAD-6003-2A Autolite

Eaton, Yale, Towne

1955-62 4-cyl F-162 Continental engine IAD-6004-1D Autolite
1963 4-cyl All models IAD-4043 Autolite
1968-75 4-cyl JX4D Hercules engine 55, 56, 57 IAD-4037 Autolite
All 4-cyl F-124 Continental engine IAD Series Autolite


All 4-cyl Loader HL3030, LC4D-G IAD-6004-2N Autolite
All 4-cyl 61, 200 IAD-6004-2F Autolite


1965 4-cyl Waukesha 1CK engine IAD-6004A Autolite

Gambles Farmcrest

All 4-cyl 20, 30 IAD-6002,03, 04 Autolite

Hercules Engine

All 4-cyl G1400, 1600 (gas engine) IAD-6013 Autolite
All 4-cyl G, GO, IX, IXB, JX, ZX, ZXA, ZXB, CU4-180, 00 IAD Series Autolite


All 4-cyl P-40 Platform Truck IAD-6004-2A Autolite

J.A. Freeman

1959-73 4-cyl 25A, 25AW, 25ACWT, 26, 28; 100T, 100W IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
1959-73 4-cyl 200T, 200W, 300T, 300W, 330W IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite

Kaiser Jeep

All 4-cyl FJ, F4-134, L4-134 IAD-4008A, IAD-4041 Autolite

Lycoming Spencer Engines

All 4-cyl CV-4-180 IAD-6004-1G Autolite

Massey Ferguson

1956-59 4-cyl MHF-3, 4-cyl IAD-6004-2H Autolite

Ready Power

All 4-cyl F4 (Ford engine) IAD-4008 Autolite
All 4-cyl F2 IAD-4008 Autolite

Ross Carrier

All 4-cyl Series 5 Lift Truck IAD-6004-2C Autolite


All 4-cyl Thermo King MQ-21 Refrig. Unit IAD-4038 Autolite
All 4-cyl Waukesha 1CK engine IAD-6004A Autolite


1955-62 4-cyl Continental Y-91 engine IAD-6004-1D Autolite

US Motors

All 4-cyl All models IAD-4037, 6004 Autolite


1977-83 4-cyl G-1600 IAD-6013 Prestolite

Willys Industrial

All 4-cyl All models IAD-6004 Autolite


1953-67 4-cyl VG4D, VH4, VH4D, VH4DM, VR4, VR4D IAD-6004-2F Autolite/Prestolite
1955-63 4-cyl VR4D IAD-6004-2F Autolite/Prestolite
1961-64 4-cyl V460D IAD-6004-2F Autolite/Prestolite
1968-79 4-cyl VG4D, VH4, VH4D, VH4DM, V461D IAD-6004-2N Prestolite
1969-73 4-cyl LTV All Terrain Vehicle (VH engine) IAD-6012 Prestolite
1974-79 4-cyl VG4D IAD-6004-2R Prestolite
1982 4-cyl V461D, V465D IAD-6004-2N Prestolite


All 4-cyl 60 (Continental Y-91 engine) IAD-4206, 6004 Autolite

Agricultural Applications

Allis Chalmers

All 4-cyl Baler models 300, 302, 303 IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl Baler with Wisconsin VH4D engine IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl Sprayer ‘2300 IAD-6004 Autolite


All 4-cyl 450 Wisconsin VG4 IAD-6004 Autolite


All 4-cyl Wisconsin VG4D IAD-6004 Autolite


All 4-cyl BPO60-DKB, T60DKM (Wisconsin VG4D) IAD-6004 Autolite


All 4-cyl Jeep F-4 engine IAD-4041 Autolite

All 4-cyl Wisconsin engine VG4D IAD-6004 Autolite


All 4-cyl W5 G188 engine IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl 177 Wisconsin VG4D IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl 330 (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4D) Autolite
All 4-cyl 65 Wisconsin VF4 Autolite
All 4-cyl 150, 302, 600, 660 400, (Hercules G-188B, A201 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 200, 300 (Continental F140 engine) IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl 300, 400, 500 (Continental F162, FA162 engine) IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl 310, 320, G148 IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl 440, 640 G148, G188 engine IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl GT25, 30, 34 (Continental F124, F140, F162 engine) IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl W5 G188 engine IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl S Autolite
All 4-cyl VA Series IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl 200, B, 210, B, 211B G126, 148, 188 engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 200B, 350, 351, 400B, 500B, 600B, (G126, G164) IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl 300, 310, 320, (G148) IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl 350, 351, 500B, 600B, (G164); 400, 40,41, 80CK (G148, B) IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl 540, C541, C (159); 640, 641, C IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl 400B, 420, 430, 435LCK, 440, 441, 450, 500 Autolite
All 4-cyl 400 (F162 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 530, 30LCK, 540, 41, C, C570, 80, CK, CK-B IAD-6003 Autolite
All 4-cyl 600B, G30, 640, C, 641, C Autolite
All 4-cyl 700B, 800, 800B Autolite
All 4-cyl 900B Autolite
All 4-cyl 650, 655, 675 (Wisconsin VH4D, VG4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 1150, 1155, (G159), 1255 (G188) IAD-6003-2F Autolite
All 4-cyl V461D; (Own G159, G188, B) Autolite


All 4-cyl 7, 18, 422 (Continental F-124, 140 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 101, 102, 103, 620, 720 (Wisconsin engine) IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl 10, 12, 14, 16 Ft., 502 (Wisconsin IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl 20, 30, (Continental F-124, 140 engine) GO-198 IAD-6004 Autolite


All 4-cyl 16-46, 47, 48, 49; 16-98, 99, 100, 101 Autolite
All 4-cyl 17-14, 15, 16, 17 Wisconsin VF4D Autolite
All 4-cyl 19-14, 15, 16, 17 Autolite


All 4-cyl ATB, ATB40, CU32, CU32RC, GTA, GTAT50, MA36 Autolite
All 4-cyl MA36, MA36RC, MAL36RC; 322, 362 IAD-6004 Autolite
Gehl (Forage Harvester)
All 4-cyl HL3030 Hydra Cat IAD-6004-2N Autolite
All 4-cyl Wisconsin VG4D engine IAD-6004-2F Autolite


All 4-cyl 320, 340, 430, 432, 435, W; 437 Crane IAD-6004-2F Autolite
All 4-cyl H300, FSP, P, H306, FSP, P IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl Hi. Boy, FS, Sprayer & Power Unit, VH4D engine IAD-6004 Autolite

Hardie Mfg. Co.

All 4-cyl Wisconsin VG4D IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl DF24B, DF480C, DF485C, F4 engine IAD-4012, 41 Autolite
All 4-cyl 150-160 Continental F-226 engine Autolite


All 4-cyl Combine IAD-6004-2F Autolite


All 4-cyl 110, 180, 260, 280, 300, 310 (Wisconsin engine) IAD-6004 Autolite
All 4-cyl HS220, HS240, HS260, HS500 (Wisconsin engine) IAD-6004 Autolite


All 4-cyl C-26 (Continental F126, Buda 4BD-153 engine) IAD-4029, 6004 Autolite

International Harvester

All 4-cyl Combine (Wisconsin VRDD engine) IAD-6004-2F Autolite
All 4-cyl Baler (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 37T, 37 W, 47T, 47W IAD-6004-2N Autolite
All 4-cyl 57T, 57W, 71W IAD-6004-2F Autolite
All 4-cyl 45, 46 (Wisconsin VF4) Autolite
All 4-cyl 47 Twine, 47 Wire (Wisconsin VH4D, VH4) Autolite
All 4-cyl 56, 57 Twine; 56, 57 Wire (Wisconsin VH4D, VH4 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 60, 70, 71 Wire (Wisconsin VG4D, VR4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 430, 430T, 430W, 440, 440T, 440W, (Wisconsin engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl Wisconsin VF4D engine Autolite

John Bean

1957-73 4-cyl Jun-50 IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
1957-73 4-cyl AF10, 15, 20 IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
1957-73 4-cyl 20, 20TP, 25 IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
1957-73 4-cyl 35, 35TP IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
1957-73 4-cyl 200CP, C200CP IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
1957-73 4-cyl E200CP, E277, G200CP IAD-4041 Autolite/Prestolite
1957-73 4-cyl 275CP, A275CP IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
1957-73 4-cyl Potato Harvester, Rotocast IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
1958-59 4-cyl Rotomist 100E IAD-4041 Autolite
1960-72 4-cyl 28E, G IAD-4041 Autolite/Prestolite
All 4-cyl 6-25, 6-30, 6-40, 6-50, 6-60 (Wisconsin engine.) IAD-6004 Autolite/Prestolite
All 4-cyl 6-60, 6-70 (Willys F4 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl AT10, 15, H15, 20 IAD-6004-2N Autolite/Prestolite
All 4-cyl 12, 14 (Wisconsin VF4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 15RC (Wisconsin VF4D, VP4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 2ORC (Wisconsin VF4D, VH4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 26F (Wisconsin VG4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl F-4 (Dustproof distributor) Autolite
All 4-cyl 30RC (Willys F4 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 60 (F-2 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 100E Rotomost (F-4 Standard engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl F-4 (Dustproof distributor) Autolite
All 4-cyl 277, E277 (F4-134 engine) Autolite

John Blue

All 4-cyl Wisconsin VH4, VH4D IAD-6004-2F Autolite

John Deere

All 4-cyl 8 Forage Harvester IAD-4029 Autolite
All 4-cyl 72, 74 (Wisconsin VP4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 10 Wisconsin VG4D engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 214WS, 216T, 216W, WS, 224T, 224WS IAD-6004-2N Autolite
All 4-cyl 346 (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4D engine) IAD-6004-2N Autolite
All 4-cyl 4020 Hercules, Wisconsin engine Autolite
All 4-cyl Windrower 10, 14, 16 Ft. IAD-6004-2F Autolite


All 4-cyl Wisconsin VF4, VH4, VH4D IAD-6004-2F Autolite


All 4-cyl Peanut Combine IAD-6004-2F
All 4-cyl 04, 1500, 2, 8 (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4, VH4D engine) IAD-6004-2N Autolite


All 4-cyl 680 Baler Wisconsin VH4D engine IAD-6004-2N Autolite
All 4-cyl A Tractor Continental F-162 engine IAD-6004-1B Autolite


All 4-cyl J-51 Willys CJ2A, 3 engine IAD-4008 Autolite


All 4-cyl 2020 Tractor, Forage Harvester Super 606 Autolite

Massey Ferguson

All 4-cyl 35SP, 72 Ft. Continental F140 engine IAD-6004-ID Autolite
All 4-cyl 60 Pulled Type Continental F-140 engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 72 Pulled Type Continental F-140 engine Autolite
All 4-cyl Clipper Continental F-162 engine Autolite
All 4-cyl MHF3, MHF4 (Continental engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl MJA382, D (Continental engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 11 Pony, 16 Pacer, 21 Colt, 22K, 23K, 23 Autolite
All 4-cyl Mustang, 30, K, 33, 44 (Continental engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 55 Continental J-382 engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 333, RT, RS, HA, 444, 555 (Continental engine) Autolite


All 4-cyl Combine G12 IAD-6004-2F
All 4-cyl 69 Wisconsin VE4 engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 88 Wisconsin VF4 engine Autolite
All 4-cyl A (Hercules IX43, B3, K3, engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl V ZXB-3 engine Autolite
All 4-cyl Windrower IAD-6004-2F Autolite
All 4-cyl 100, 101 IAD-6004-2N Autolite


All 4-cyl G-12 IAD-6004-2F Autolite


All 4-cyl 4920, 5035, 5050 Series (Wisconsin engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 6035, 6040, 6050 Series (Wisconsin engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 6100 Series Wisconsin VH4D engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 6125-TF24, TR4 (Wisconsin VH4D engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 6125, 6E, 6T (Wisconsin VE4 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 6810 Wisconsin AGND engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 6820 Wisconsin VH4D engine Autolite

New Holland

All 4-cyl 87, 98, 99, 271, 280, 281, 290, 1281, 82 IAD-6004
All 4-cyl 601, 611 (VG4D, VH4D, V460D, V461D engine) IAD-6004
All 4-cyl 901, 905 (VG4D, VH4D, V460D, V461D engine) IAD-6004


All 4-cyl 101, 102, 103, 620, 720 ( VG4D, VH4D engine) IAD-6004
All 4-cyl 18 (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4 engine) IAD-6004
All 4-cyl 36-02 (Wisconsin VE4, VE4D, VF4 engine) Autolite
All 4-cyl 36-32, 919 (Wisconsin VG4D engine) IAD-6004
All 4-cyl 125, T, EAP, EAPT, (Wisconsin engine) IAD series
All 4-cyl 919 Wisconsin VG4D engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 10, 12, 14 & 16 Ft IAD-6004
All 4-cyl 86, 96 (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4D engine) IAD-6004


All 4-cyl 25, 28, 30, 35, 60, 80, 81 (Wisconsin engine) IAD-6004-2F
All 4-cyl 90, 92, 1000, 1200, 1700 (Wisconsin engine) IAD-6004-2F
All 4-cyl 250 Wisconsin VG4D engine Autolite
All 4-cyl 350 Wisconsin VG4D engine Autolite

Marine Applications


1950-66 4-cyl M (Hercules IBX engine) IAD-6003B Autolite/Prestolite
All 4-cyl M, MSA (Hercules IBX engine) IAD-6003 Autolite


All 4-cyl (55-50 Willys engine) IAD-4008 Autolite

Wisconsin (Marine)

1953-57 4-cyl VG4, VR4 IAD-6004-2F
1957-85 4-cyl VG-4D, VH-4DM IAD-6004-2F, 2N
1957-85 4-cyl VG4D, VH-4, VR-4D, V460D, VE-4, VF-4, VP-4D IAD-6004-2F

Fits These 4-Cylinder Autolite/Prestolite Non-VacuumAdvance
Distributors, Among Others:

IAD-4024 IAD-4041 IAD-4012 IAD-4018
IAD-4028A IAD-4029 IAD-4029A IAD-4037
IAD-4038 IAD-4043 IAD-4043A IAD-4206
IAD-6003 IAD-6003-1A IAD-6003-1B IAD-6003-2A
IAD-6003-2F IAD-6003-2H IAD-6003-2J IAD-6003-2K
IAD-6003B IAD-6004 IAD-6004-1 IAD-6004-1B
IAD-6004-1C IAD-6004-1D IAD-6004-1E IAD-6004-1G
IAD-6004-1H IAD-6004-2A IAD-6004-2C IAD-6004-2D
IAD-6004-2E IAD-6004-2F IAD-6004-2H IAD-6004-2N
IAD-6004-2P IAD-6004-2R IAD-6004A IAD-6011-1A
IAD-6012 IAD-6013 IAD-6013A IAD-6013B
IAD-6013C IAD-4008 IAD-4041