Electronic Ignition

A Powerspark Electronic Ignition kit is designed to replace the problematic and old fashioned points / condenser starting mechanism in your classic car.

How does the Powerspark Electronic Ignition kit give benefits?

The POWERSPARK electronic circuit senses startup and develops more energy for quicker, easier starting, which leads to better fuel economy and smoother running in general.

It also has built in ‘over current protection’ that shuts down the system, preventing component damage if the ignition is left switched on and the engine not running.

Not sure if electronic ignition is for you?

Read REAL customer reviews here

  1. Herbert Carachi says:

    Does the electronic ignition system that you supply fit a three cylinder engine on a marruti 800. Thanks.

  2. ralph thorn says:

    do you have ign for six volt positive ground

    • simonbbc says:

      Thank you for your help.
      We have the product available but we would need to know which distributor model you have installed and this should be visible by the numbers from the side of the distributor if you have these? Failing that please send an email with an image of the distributor if possible and one with the cap off too.


  3. Pat says:

    Tried everything to get a K4 8/16 set fitted to a 25d distributor in a 1000cc mini. Wont go, no spark, tried new coils and everything else. Even fitted another kit to the distributor – still nothing – no spark !! I am no slug but this is blowing my mind. Any thoughts ?? The car was running fine beforehand. Cheers Pat

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