Now that the lockdown is over we are once again seeing classic cars outside our Bromsgrove HQ.

First up was this superb Datsun 120A Cherry coupé, an original UK car. The owner has been on a painstaking mission to turn it into an XR-1 using all original and genuine JDM parts, and we think it’s just delightful. With a peppy little 1.2 litre engine and those excellent looks, it’s quite the fun head turner. It’s also now sporting electronic ignition and a fresh Viper ignition coil.

Next up was this Suzuki DR600. These big single ‘dual sport’ bikes are getting more and more popular, and this one was a peach. The doting owner was just popping by for some ignition components for a Series 1 Land Rover, but the bike got just as much attention as the classic cars!

Why you need your classic car now more than ever

Posted: April 22, 2020 by goodshoutmedia in News

Long Read: You need your classic car now more than ever

The past few weeks have been a challenging time for most of us. Restrictions on freedom of movement have meant confinement, and for a large majority of classic car enthusiasts, this has meant missing out. Events have been cancelled, local tours postponed, impromptu weekend trips are off the table. You might be opening the garage and looking forlornly at your poor classic car. Does it pine for you? Do the headlights look unusually sad today? Does it dream of being driven?

Right now, you need your classic car more than ever. Your classic car is more than just a form of transport; it’s a portal to another world. It’s a time machine that takes you back, it’s access to a beautiful world all viewed from behind the wheel of your favourite possession. You don’t need your classic car to go anywhere right now; you need your classic car to mentally take you somewhere right now. When you’re stuck at home, dream of where you’ll go, dream of what you’ll do when life returns to normal.

Plan that trip; take the time to map out the route, look at where you’ll stop, what you’ll take with you. Wile away the hours by cooking up the road trip you always promised yourself. Then ask the question, is my car ready?

There are plenty of things you can be cracking on with. We’ve waxed lyrical about the emotional side of owning a classic car, now get your tools out and make it happen! So many classic car parts retailers are alive and kicking, open for business and sending parts out to customers. There’s no excuse – every classic car in the country should drive out of lockdown in pristine condition, ready for a road trip and shining like a diamond.

Our electronic ignition kits are simple to fit, even for the mechanically challenged. New HT leads and a fresh ignition coil can improve your car no end, all jobs that are simple to do with very basic hand tools. Our website has a range of products to help improve your classic car, with really practical items such as trickle chargers and emergency jump starters to make your day-to-day classic life even easier.

OK, so you’re probably not going to complete a restoration that’s been languishing for years in a few lockdown weeks, but you should be using this time to reflect…

Does your classic fleet really suit your motoring needs?
Do the cars in your garage tick the boxes in your head?

If the answer is yes – then what can be done to improve the cars you own?

If the answer is no – then what do you need to buy or sell to turn the garage you’ve got into the garage you want?

New car sales may be stalling but from what we can tell by talking to partners and friends in classic car retail, the classic sector is active and vibrant. Not only are buyers actively taking to the internet due to the forced lockdown, but buyers are at home and taking calls and emails in response. Cars are changing hands because more people are online to look at them.

Thinking of selling your car?
Get outside and clean it, photograph it and list if for sale!

Thinking of buying a car?
Don’t be shy. Buyers are sitting at home waiting for your call.

Life is short and this lockdown should have taught you to value the time we have.

Thinking of improving your car?
Write a list!

How many of those can Powerspark Ignition help with?
Get it done. What’s stopping you?

The roads will open again; your favourite coastal cafe will be serving coffee once more.

Don’t mope around, turn those headlights upside down and look forward to driving into blue sky and sunshine.

We’re right there with you.

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Bank Holiday Show n’ Shine Competition Winners

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Huge thanks to everyone who entered our digital Show ‘N Shine competition over the weekend.

We had more than 70 cars submitted, and choosing the winners certainly wasn’t easy. After much deliberation, here are the three cars (and owners) that win a Lifeline B6001 Trickle Charger.

We chose the Mercedes because it simply looks fantastic, the Supra because it’s a rare and superb modern classic and the Ford Cortina because… Well, just look at it. It’s wonderful just the way it is.

Guys, if you could contact [email protected] with your details, we can get your prizes dispatched to you.

Keep an eye on the Powerspark Ignition facebook page for more competitions in future!

Gareth Baylis with his gorgeous Mercedes-Benz

Harry Hurrel for this rather epic looking Toyota Supra

Rob Golding with this beautifully patinated classic Ford Cortina

As many of you are at home with your classic cars, we want to stop the thumb twiddling. Here’s 5 easy and cheap modifications to improve your classsic car in the coming weeks.

Powerspark Facebook Competition La-Toya Austin

LaToya knows a thing or two… Here Austin Vanden Plas runs on Powerspark Electronic Ignition.

1. Improve your spark – Fit Electronic Ignition


Powerspark Ignition have been the UK’s leading supplier of electronic ignition conversion kits for a decade, and that doesn’t look set to change any time soon. These kits are easy to install for the home mechanic, come with complete instructions and make no permanent change to your engine… If you want to put your car back to factory specification simple remove the kit and pop your points back in.

Although you wouldn’t want to, a Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit improves starting, idling, throttle response and fuel economy. Don’t believe us? Read our reviews!

Shop for Electronic Ignition for your classic car now

2. Maintain your spark – Upgrade your HT Leads

L_Mag_L022People can go for years without upgrading their HT leads, so why not take the chance to indulge in this easy improvement? If you are upgrading to electronic ignition, you’ll need to be running silicone HT leads – copper leads will break down the ignition kit over time, and might leave you stranded. Don’t risk it. We have a great range of HT leads in a variety of colours, many of which are hand made at our Worcestershire HQ in the United Kingdom. Can’t see the leads you need for your classic? Get in touch, we’ll make ’em from scratch.

Shop for HT leads for your classic car now

3. Replace that old and rusty Ignition Coil

VCS-MBOften when customers speak to our staff, we ask ‘when did you last replace the ignition coil?’ and more often than not, there is a long silence, followed by ‘i’m not sure’ or ‘it’s been on the car since I had it’. Generally, replacing your ignition coil means undoing one clamp and swapping out two wires. There really is no excuse! We have a complete range, including traditional Lucas coils, oil filled coils and the best selling Viper. The Viper uses no oil, so no drips and no sloshing.

Shop for an Ignition Coil for your classic car now

4. Look after your battery with a Battery Isolator

ia_bat_isolator_wIf your car is laid up during winter or for any length of time, or if you are worried about security, a battery isolator is a great addition to your car. It acts as your battery terminal, but utilises a simple ‘screw on / screw off’ mechanism to engage and disengage the battery. Perfect to stop your battery draining down, and one more step to slow down any would be thieves. A pocket money modification that might save you headaches.

Shop for battery isolators for your classic car now

5. Keep it all topped up with a battery optimiser

B6001_2018_clipsAnother simple way to stop your car draining down during periods of inactivity is a battery trickle charger. Our Lifeline B6001 isn’t just a charger, it’s an optimiser that constantly monitors the performance and status of your battery and tops it up accordingly. We have sold thousands of these, they are cheaper than more expensive alternatives but from what we are told (and what we know) they do a better job.

Shop for battery trickle chargers for your classic car

CoronaVirus – Pull together with Powerspark

Posted: March 20, 2020 by goodshoutmedia in News, Reference
Calling all Classic Car Enthusiasts!
It’s a challenging time for people all around the world, and many people are facing periods of isolation, or at the very least, time apart from their usual social circles.
Although we classic car enthusiasts might not be able to attend meets and shows, we can use this time productively at home.
On Thursday we took the time to check our worldwide order statistics for the last few weeks, expecting to see a big drop – but we didn’t. We are thrilled that classic car owners all around the world are ordering parts as normal, not letting this time dampen spirits.
As many of us are now spending more time at home, it’s a great opportunity to get in the garage and improve your classic car.
As a ‘thank you’, and for some light hearted fun, we are looking for an ambassador from each of the countries shown.
We are looking for bloggers, writers, video makers and social media posters who want to share their classic car story at this time.
We have electronic ignition kits, ht leads, ignition coils, portable powerbanks and more to send to customers who are isolating.
To be one of our ambassadors simply do the following:
– Comment on the photo of your flag with your car, then share it.
– email [email protected] with some details about you and your car
We are excited to start working with people in many different countries!

Powerspark Ignition Parts Catalogue 2020

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Powerspark Catalogue 2020

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 20.43.38

A quick guide on how to fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition. In this case the car used is a modified 1964 Volkswagen Beetle, but the principle is the same regardless of the car.

How to fit a Powerspark electronic ignition kit:

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How to fit a Powerspark electronic ignition kit:

Want to print this out? Click here to view as a printable PDF.

How to fit a Powerspark electronic ignition kit:

Most Powerspark® kits can be fitted to the distributor while still in the car. If you choose to remove the distributor, turn the engine to Top Dead Centre and mark the distributor / rotor position carefully.

With the ignition switched off, disconnect the live feed at the coil ensuring it is on the +ve side of the coil. Remove the distributor cap, rotor arm, contact points and condenser carefully, retaining the screws and withdraw the wires through the distributor body.

Test fit the module first and then apply the silicone grease provided (3 small dots only) to the underside of the module baseplate, leave the screws fitted. If your kit is already on a plate then the heat grease is on out of the box.

Ensure that there is good continuity from the kit plate to the points baseplate through the internal earth wire inside the distributor. If there is not one present you may need to add one to give good continuity to the kit.

Check there is sufficient slack in the wires inside the distributor body for the base plate to turn when a vacuum unit is fitted, inserting the rubber plug to seal and secure the wires in the distributor body, use a small cable tie to keep these out of the way of moving parts.

Fit the new black trigger ring pressing down gently onto the shaft. On occasion the ring can be tight and may need to be carefully rubbed to make it wider. Only do this to make minor alterations.

Fit the rotor arm and rotate the spindle to check there is clearance between the module and the trigger, and that the rotor arm does not foul the module.

The kit will find it’s own position but if the ring and kit touch then move the module to achieve a close but not touching position (4 or 5 mm maximum) and tighten the screws firmly for good heat distribution.

Locate the live feed to the coil, ensure this goes to the +ve side of the coil, then connect the Powerspark® RED wire to the positive (+ve or 1  ensuring no other wire is on that same side.

Failure to connect the wires correctly will result in damage to the Powerspark module.

Refit the distributor cap, start the engine and check the dynamic ignition timing and adjust where necessary.


If you can’t get the ignition to work once installed, try these suggestions:

  • Condenser and wires from distributor should not be installed in vehicle once the new electronic kit is in place.
  • Check the coil resistance prior to fitting this unit to ensure that your coil has a resistance of more than 1.5 ohms.
  • Check which terminal on the coil your live ignition feed is, ensure this is +’ve on the coil not -‘ve.
  • Connect the Black wire to the coil negative ( -ve, or 1) terminal.
  • Connect the Red wire to the coil positive ( + or 15) terminal.
  • For testing purposes, no other wires should be attached to the coil terminals, except for the center HT lead to the distributor cap.
  • Check the condition of the cap and rotor arm (replacing them if possible for testing).

If you have a positive ground vehicle you will need to either convert to negative ground or have one of our Positive Earth Powerspark kits.

Fitting Electronic Ignition and Timing:

You can set the timing dynamic with a strobe light with points ( engine running ) and with electronic system you can do the same.

You can set the timing approx as before static, and you will need a strobe light ie + and –ve to strobe and sensor lead to No1 plug lead to set the timing dynamic and then adjust to max @ 3500 rpm say 24 degree (depends on the vehicle and engine).

The electronic ignition module is mounted as near as possible to the same position as the points were, but in some cases the distributor will possibly have to be turned +/- 10 degrees from where it was with points.

Setting the timing is recommended once you have fitted one of our electronic kits. Setting by dynamic is the best and most accurate way to adjust the timing.

Battery voltage to coil:

With ignition switch ON, engine not running, check voltage at coil + terminal. The voltmeter should read somewhere around +11 to +14 volts.

If voltage is too low or there’s no reading, the battery terminal or ground connection may be corroded and need cleaning or the battery may need charging.

Some vehicles have a resistor wire running from the ignition switch to the coil +ve terminal. This resistor wire drops the voltage below 9 volts so you may need to run a non-resistor wire from the ignition switch to the coil + terminal or run a +12V wire directly from the ignition switch to the red wire of the Simonbbc ignition module.

Make sure that the ignition switch terminal to which you connect this wire has power only when the ignition switch is in the ON position. Or you can, for temporary testing purposes only, run a wire directly from the battery’s + terminal to the coil + terminal, the Simonbbc ignition red wire to the coil + terminal and the black wire to the coil -ve terminal.

Do not leave the wire from the battery connected to the coil + terminal for more than a minute or so without the engine running

Gap between the black trigger and the ignition module:

If you need to increase the air gap slightly, hold ignition base plate away from distributor shaft while tightening set screw and/or loosen the two screws and retighten screws while lightly prying ignition module away from the magnet sleeve.

Do not over-torque the screws!

The black magnet sleeve should not rub against red ignition module, but exact gap is not critical. It may be necessary to gently pry red ignition module away from black magnet sleeve to keep them from rubbing together.

Ignition Coil Queries:

Standard Lucas or Bosch coil or one of our standard points type coils is recommended. The Simonbbc negative earth module red wire connects to positive ( + or 15 on Bosch coil). The black wire connects to negative ( –ve or 1 on Bosch coil). The coil should have a minimum of 1.5 Ohms internal, primary resistance. For positive earth we have a separate instruction set.

Measuring Primary Resistance:

Label and remove all wires to coil. Using a digital multimeter in the 200 Ω mode, measure between coil’s + and – terminals. Allow a few seconds for the reading to settle.

For best performance, the coil should have a minimum of 7,000 Ohms secondary resistance (measured from coil’s + or – terminal to center high tension terminal, in the 20K Ω mode of the Ohmmeter)

Vehicle System Voltage:

If the charging system voltage, measured at the coil’s positive terminal, is more than 14.2 volts at 2,500+ RPM, the voltage regulator may need replacing. Too much voltage can damage the ignition module and other electronic components. A maximum charging system voltage of 13.5 volts is adequate.

Jump-starting the vehicle:

Use caution when jump-starting a vehicle fitted with our electronic kit.

Connect the battery’s + terminal to the other vehicle’s battery + terminal. Connect the negative (black) part of the jumper cable to engine ground points, such as a bolt on the engine block, on both vehicles.

Do not turn the ignition switch to the ON position while the vehicle at the other end of the jumper cables is running. Charge your vehicle battery with the other vehicle or with a battery charger and then remove the jumper cables or charger before turning on the ignition switch and starting your vehicle.

If the ignition switch is in the ON position while both vehicles are running, the electrical surge resulting from both vehicles’ charging systems being connected together with jumper cables could be enough to destroy the ignition module and/or other any electronic components.

If you are still not able to get the supplied ignition module to function then please call the technical team for assistance or email, we will be happy to help.

Read these real customer reviews:

“Late on Friday night my wife popped out to put the electronically operated roof back on our convertible Golf 2.0 MK3, as we’d had the top down earlier in the day. To do that you need the keys in the ignition….

On Monday morning, we couldn’t find the keys… sure enough, they were in the ignition, with the key at position 2. Needless to say, the battery couldn’t be flatter. We grabbed an Ampstore from Powerspark, and straight out of the box without even charging the device up it started the Golf almost immediately. Buy one. Buy one now”

Quick Links – Ignition Bundles

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