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What is a jump pack, and how does it work?

What is an emergency jump starter and do I need one?

An emergency jump pack is designed to start a car with a flat battery. Traditionally these were large, heavy, tedious things, but as technology has progressed, so have jump packs!

Essentially a jump pack is a portable battery, big enough to start a car but small enough to be portable. They are capable of providing a large amount of power for a short time, with the best jump packs being able to start a car many times from a full charge. A good jump pack should be small but capable.

Our jump start packs are based on the latest battery technology and can deliver a starting current of 300A and has a capacity of 18000mAh. In addition to starting a car engine, they alo have 12v output for all your car accessories, a 5v output at up to 2A so can charge all your mobile devices and a 19v output which can even power a Laptop.

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