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L10_STC1856 – Powerspark STC Relocation Kit with Ignition Module for 3 pin and 2 pin V8 Distributors

Just £29.95

This one used to be a hugely expensive fix… not anymore!

A quality solution for moving your ignition module away from any heat source.
Comes complete with the ignition module, fixing plate and a wiring harness to allow you to relocate your ignition module.

The fixing plate is the same as the STC1856 relocation plate or ERR5210 and can be mounted behind the ignition coil as in some models of Land Rover Discovery etc.. or simply mount anywhere away from a heat source or that can typically cause issues with the 2 pin or 3 pin ignition modules.

Ideal for anyone suffering with failing modules where heat or vibration are suspected.
Suitable for all 3 pin applications, however if your vehicle needs a 3 pin then you will need an additional 2 to 3 Pin Short Linking Lead.


This week at Powerspark we are happy to announce three new products from Lifeline.

The Pocket range of portable batteries are, as you can probably guess from the name, pocket sized portable power packs. With modern Li-Po technology, these little things are leagues ahead of previous generations of portable battery pack.

With the USB to USB2 and Apple Lightning cable, the Lifeline Pocket can charge any USB2 or Lightning device straight out of the box. With the right cable, it can charge any device that accepts a standard USB plug.

We love the finish of these products, they feel great quality, they’re sturdy and robust yet they really are pocket sized – even the largest of the Lifeline Pocket range is no bigger than the latest iPhone.


If you are always scrabbling around for a phone charger, or find your vaporiser battery flashing when you’re miles away from home, the Lifeline Pocket range will be perfect for you!

Lifeline Pocket 4,000

Lifeline Pocket 6,000

Lifeline Pocket 10,000

LLP All with text.jpg

LLA3 - Lifeline Ampstore Charger.jpg

Battery storage and charging experts Lifeline have launched two new emergency battery chargers, which are now on shelves and available to order at Powerspark Ignition.

LLA3 - Lifeline Ampstore

The Lifeline Ampstore and Ampstore PLUS are superb handheld jump starters for classic and modern cars. Featuring advanced battery technology,  both units are capable of jump starting a staggering number of cars considering they are small enough to keep in a glovebox.

The Ampstore comes in at just 17cm x 9cm wide x 3cm deep, meaning it takes up next to no space in your glovebox. Even the larger Ampstore PLUS is only 23cm long and just fractionally wider and deeper than the standard Ampstore.

Featuring rugged design and bright yellow colouring (making it hard to lose), these two chargers really are essential purchases for the avid motoring enthusiast.

Lifeline say that the Ampstore is capable of jump starting 20 cars from a single charge, whilst the Ampstore PLUS can manage an impressive 40 cars!

Both devices can retain their charge for 6 to 12 months, making them perfect for keeping in your car or in the garage in case of emergencies. What’s more, both devices can charge mobile electronics such as mobile phones, whilst the larger Ampstore PLUS is also able to charge laptops and notebooks.

Purchase yours here:

Lifeline Ampstore >

Lifeline Ampstore PLUS >

LLA21 - Lifeline Ampstore Plus

The marginally larger Ampstore PLUS

Product Review: Lifeline Ampstore

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The Barefoot Mechanic – Adventures with a 1964 Volkswagen.


Starting the car from flat… with a nifty new product from Powerspark

The car is not quite as pristine as you see in the picture and It needs a little Powerspark goodness. Last time out it was forced into service as a daily driver during a particularly wet and muddy December. It’s since been left parked in its the garage for a more than a year. So, it’s grubby, has a flat battery and the MoT has expired. Nothing that can’t be sorted, but first thing is to get the engine running…

A quirk of this car is that its big dual Dellorto carburettor setup will dry out if left for any length of time, so it will take a lot of engine cranking before it will fire. Despite charging the battery for a good few hours, there wasn’t enough power to crank the engine fast or long enough to get it started. That’s just not going to happen with this old battery! Powerspark to the rescue with the new Lifeline Ampstore Plus Portable Emergency Jump Starter.

LLA21 - Lifeline Ampstore Plus


The Lifeline Ampstore Plus Portable Emergency Jump Starter is a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery pack small enough fit in you pocket, yet powerful enough for several jumpstarts. But could it possibly start the reluctant VW? This will surely be a test…

Now, with dual Dellorto carburettors it can take a minute or more of cranking to prime the carbs from dry. Oh, and just to make things interesting, while the battery had been on charge, I swapped the 009 distributor for an SVDA, and I’m just hoping that the HT leads are in the right places…

I connected the jump start unit to the Ampstore Plus, then the heavy duty clips to the battery we’re ready to go. The instructions state that you mustn’t crank for more than 3 seconds. If the engine does’t start, wait 30 seconds before trying again.

When this car is used regularly, the engine always starts first go, but with those big carbs needing priming, the routine is crank 3 seconds, wait 30 seconds, crank 3 seconds, wait 30 seconds, until it fires. Will the tiny Ampstore Plus be up to it?

It cranks fast with the Jump Starter connected and sure enough, after maybe six or seven attempts, the engine spluttered into life. I’m impressed! It’s cold and dark outside, so to try out more of its features, I set about using the built-in torch to help check the tyre pressures on the daily driver before heading back into the warm to charge my phone from one of the Ampstore Plus’s two USB ports. Checking the charge indicator showed it still had plenty of power left.

The troublesome VW hadn’t made a dent in the Ampstore Plus‘s power.

What a fantastic bit of kit!

Purchase your Lifeline Ampstore Plus here:

Lifeline Ampstore Plus Portable Emergency Jump Starter

Next up, getting the timing set accurately with with a strobe timing light…

LLA3 - Lifeline Ampstore.jpg

Classic car electronic specialists Powerspark Ignition have developed a new distributor suitable for the Austin 7 and Big 7. The Powerspark D31 Electronic Distributor is a direct replacement for the original DK4A Distributor, which has been out of production and unavailable for more than 50 years.

The original DK4A Distributor was fitted to Austin 7 and Big 7 cars from 1934 to 1939, meaning owners of these cars can now buy an off the shelf electronic ignition system complete with the entire distributor. It is available as both positive and negative earth.

Featuring a top entry cap and screw in acorn connections, the new distributor comes with an up to date electronic ignition kit to improve the reliability and consistency of the spark. The D31 Distributor also comes with a CA31 Distributor Cap, which can be purchased separately for those customers not wising to upgrade the full distributor housing.

Powerspark have been developing out of production distributors for the last six years, and can provide electronic ignition systems for all manner of classic cars.

The new model joins Powerspark’s extensive range of electronic distributors and ignition kits.

Click here to buy your Austin 7 Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit

Viper Dry Ignition Coil DLB105 VCS

Viper Dry Ignition Coil

The market is a wash with low quality imported coils that simply are not worth the price tag and currently the buzz in the Classic Car market with ignition coils is the Viper Dry coil, instead of a traditional oil filled canister the Viper is filled entirely with epoxy resin. Designed with modern materials to ensure robust quality and to deliver performance where performance is needed this latest design of ignition coil gives protection for the internal components and having an ignition coil that can deal with heat, that does not leak and does not fail at the first sign of increased stress is crucial to keeping the classic cars on the road.

Presented in a traditional wet coil body this ignition coil is taking the market by storm, the current range has specifications covering the DLB105 Gold sports coil and the DLB198 High Energy electronic ignition coil and not forgetting the DLB110 sports ballast coil for those of you running a ballast resisted system.

Delivering improved spark with high KV ratings in a reliable and robust design is what will help keep your Classic car on the road for longer and this is always a good thing

Find the Viper coils here :

VC110 :

Fuelflow 060 Piston Pump 6 volt

The FUELFLOW™ 060 Piston Pump is our 6 volt model. This is a specialist replacement fuel pump and is suited to any application that has a 6 volt power supply. Although this pump is used in a variety of different applications it is typically used in motorcycles and vintage vehicles. This Pump can be used with Petrol or Diesel, 6v Positive or Negative earth

Voltage 6 volt
Earth Negative or Positive
Operating Pressure (Psi) 1.25 – 5 psi
Max. Flow 1.25 litre/minute
Maximum Pressure (no flow) 5 – 6 psi
Dry Prime Immediate fuel delivery
Dimensions 11(L) x 9.5(W) x 6(H) cm
Weight 0.39 kg
Filter In-built 50 micron filter & magnet assembly

The FUELFLOW™ 020 Electric Piston Pump is a universal replacement fuel pump and has been specifically designed to suit as wide a scope of applications as possible. The 020 Piston Pump would generally be used as a replacement fuel pump on carburetted vehicles that have 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines and a fuel requirement of up to 2.0 Litres per minute. Typically, these vehicles could be described as large cars with larger than average engines and a higher than normal fuel requirement. This Pump can be used with Petrol or Diesel, 12v Positive or Negative earth

Part Number 020

Application Universal Replacement

Voltage 12 volt

Earth Negative or Positive

Operating Pressure (Psi) 1.25 – 5 psi

Max. Flow 2 litre/minute

Maximum Pressure (no flow) 5 – 6 psi

Dry Prime Immediate fuel delivery

Dimensions 11(L) x 9.5(W) x 6(H) cm

Weight 0.41 kg

Filter In-built 50 micron filter & magnet assembly

Fuelflow 015 Piston Pump
The FUELFLOW™ 015 Electric Piston Pump. It is a universal replacement fuel pump and has been specifically designed to suit a wide scope of vehicle applications. The 015 Piston Pump is a popular electric replacement fuel pump on carburetted vehicles that have 4 or 6 cylinders. Typically, these vehicles are family-sized cars with small to mid-sized engines, up to 3.0 Litres. This Pump can be used with Petrol or Diesel, 12v Positive or Negative earth

Universal Replacement
12 volt
Negative or Positive
Operating Pressure (Psi)
3 – 4 psi
Max. Flow
1.5 litre/minute
Maximum Pressure (no flow)
4 – 5 psi
Dry Prime
Immediate fuel delivery
11(L) x 9.5(W) x 6(H) cm
0.39 kg
Filter In-built 50 micron filter & magnet assembly

The newest and most advanced battery tech is now entering the market.
With the Powerspark Lifeline you get all of the handy convenience of power in your hand so never be left with a flat battery or without power for your phone or laptop again.

Car battery jump starter
Phone/iPhone charger
LED emergency S.O.S beam or general hi-beam torch

Package Contents:
1x Lifeline Power Pack Mini Jump Starter
1 Pair x Battery clamps
1x Car charger
1x Notebook adapter cable
8x Notebook adapter connector
1x 1 to 4 Cell phone cable
1x AC Power Charger adapter
1x Cloth bag
1x User manual
Packaged in a strong paper box