Press Release: Positive Earth electronic Ignition Kit from Powerspark

Positive earth electronic ignition, a solution for all early classic cars for those wishing to upgrade the ignition but that are unable to convert or wish to keep things partly original.

This simple solution with instructions included has just two wires and is a must have for those of you wishing to upgrade to electronic ignition but not able to convert from positive earth to negative earth.

Click here to read our simple installation guide for Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kits.

Two wires only involved from the conversion kit and this solution known in the trade as a set and forget system is a big money saver from any of the other products on the market.

Contact us directly on our website at and we will be more than happy to help you or search within the Categories to locate the kit to suit your distributor.


pos wiring

25 thoughts on “Press Release: Positive Earth electronic Ignition Kit from Powerspark”

  1. Hi. Fitted to a triumph t100a , got a spark in static position but no spark turning the engine over, what is the minimum voltage for the system to work, also what coil voltage is required, the coil is 5ohms (12v)


    1. Coil resistance needs to be between 1.5 Ohms and 3.5 Ohms to ensure the item will work. The minimum voltage for the system to work is 6 volts and this should not drop below at any point of cranking.


  2. Hi, I can see the black wire to the coil neg terminal and the red to earth, where does the white wire go to, car is Austin 1100 mk1 pos earth, bought all the kit, fully assembled dissi, coil and leads, fitted dissi, and coil in place, black wire to coil /neg red to earth but do not know where to pick up ignition line, hope you can assist, thank you frank. ps you actually fitted my last car when you were in Park Street, good days then.

    1. Hi Frank
      Something doesn’t sound right if you have the wire colours you are saying for a positive earth application. Can you contact us on so we can help you. I am unable to find your order initially and it would be great to hear from you.


  3. just installed per instructions on Daimler 2.5 v8 with +earth and spark so weak will not jump plug gap. had good spark with points, How do I check unit to see if it is bad, and not some other gremlin now in the system?

    1. Thank you for your message.
      Can you confirm which distributor model this is fitted with please and also can you confirm the grounding of the vehicle currently?


  4. Hi,

    i buy an electronic distributor for my Triumph 2000 MK1 in positiv earth , and i can’t connect this distributor, i have only one wire out on my old distributor , and i dont know where wiring the two wire,

    please Help me

  5. I bought and fitted your positive earth Distributor system for my Sunbeam Rapier, absolutely fantastic improvement to engine , thanks. Im now wanting a TACHO OUT signal to drive my smiths Tacho which I have converted to RVC. It asks for a -ve signal, can you suggest a possible output point please ?

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      It is best to speak with our technical team directly about this by calling the office if you could please on 0157 889 453.
      Regarding the signal your negative side of the coil is actually the side with the Black wire on so please look at this for your signal however not all Smith’s will work with the electronic ignition conversions but we can help you with this when you call.

      Thank you


  6. Hi would you be able to do electronic ignition kit for a 1952 Armstrong Siddley Whitley 6 cyl …

    Thanks for any help…..

  7. Hello from Denmark ,can i get a kit for Jaguar 4,2 (1969-1972) whit lucas distributor i dont get the number of the distributor
    have a nice day best regards poul

    1. Hello Gareth

      Please can you call the office on 01527 889 453 and give the details of your current distributor and we can then look into this further for you.

      Aidan Vellender
      Sales Team @

  8. Hi! I have an Ford Cortina Gt from 1965,with 1500 orginal Gt engine,which is little bit tuned,The Distributor is the orginal Lucas 25 D4,positive Earth!

    Which electronic conversion kit should I buy from you?
    Does that kit work good in my engine,though its little bit tuned?

    Rgds Jan-Erik from Sweden

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