Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit & Accuspark Ignition Kits

Powerspark Ignition offer a wide range of electronic starting solutions for classic cars. We are industry leaders, and develop our own products here in the UK.

The Powerspark range explained:

POWERSPARK Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits

Modern ignition for your classic car. We supply a huge range of electronic ignition kits to replace the traditional points/condenser systems whilst retaining the same distributor housing. Improve the performance of your classic without any exterior or aesthetic changes to the engine.

Easy to fit, can be fitted to any car with points, easy to remove should you wish to revert back to points/condenser.

To be used with a coil with more than 1.5 Ohms resistance and less than 3.4 Ohms (this is the operating range for the Powerspark kits) this kit is negative earth only the kit replaces the points & condenser in your points distributor.
You can easily replace the points and condenser with our kit and also retro fit the points too should you need to.

POWERSPARK PLUS Positive Earth Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits

As above, but for positive earth classic cars.

To be used with a coil with more than 1.5 Ohms resistance and less than 3.4 Ohms (this is the operating range for the Powerspark kits) .

POWERSPARK Standard Electronic Distributors

Brand new distributors, developed and assembled in the UK.

Complete with Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit. Simply remove your old distributor, follow the instructions and install the new distributor.

Requires a coil with more than 1.5 Ohms resistance and less than 3.4 Ohms (this is the operating range for the Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kits)

A negative earth only custom built true hall effect system matched for the relevant engine/vehicle to give a spark three times more accurate and powerful than a standard unit or conversion kit.

POWERSPARK Performance Electronic Distributors

Brand new distributors, developed and assembled in the UK.

Complete with Powerspark High Energy Electronic Ignition Kit. Simply remove your old distributor, follow the instructions and install the new distributor.

(requires a coil with less than 1.5 Ohms resistance, ideally less than 1.0 ohm)

A negative earth only custom built true hall effect system matched for the relevant engine/vehicle to give a spark three times more accurate and powerful than a standard unit or conversion kit.

*All of these products can be upgraded with our POWERMAX Red Rotor Arm for added durability and performance.

92 thoughts on “Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit & Accuspark Ignition Kits”

  1. Currently only the standard Powerspark version but you are able to add a sports coil to this ignition kit to gain the most out of the spark.


  2. Also, is there any high performance/energy ignition option for this Toyota 18R engine from Powerspark? Cheers

    1. I have a 1.6 pinto Capri it is currently running a points system but it has developed a misfire I was thinking of changing the distributor to electronic would I have to change everything e.g. coil plugs hr leads?

  3. That sounds great. So if Powerspark does have an adaptive dwell control, what is the lowest primary resistance coil value the ignition kit could handle without any risks? Thanks!

  4. Is Powerspark, Accuspark and Hotspark the same product from the same factory? If not, which of them is the best? And which of them have a variable dwell control for a 1977 Toyota Corona 18R engine? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you for your message.
      The Powerspark ignition kits are the latest MK5 versions of the ignition kit, plenty of development goes into the Powerspark ignition kits with the latest technology updated very regularly to give the best possible product, regarding the dwell control all of the latest Powerspark products have adaptive dwell.
      I hope this helps

  5. Hello, Im willing to fit a Powerspark ignition conversion for my 1977 Toyota Corona with a 18R, 4 cylinder engine with Nippon Denso points/condenser distributor (Im told the correct K15…please confirm me this), and I would like to know if this ignition module has a built-in dwell control. Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi, I have a classic boat with a Volvo Penta MB10A engine from 1980. Will this electronic ignition work with it?

    1. In order to help you with the exact ignition kit required please confirm your 0 231 xxx xxx numbers from the side of the distributor and I will be able to help you.


      1. I have checked 0 231 109 015 and it appears that I will need the images to compare against our possible kits.. So if you can send over an image of the points set fitted I will do my best for you.


      2. Hi Simon,

        I got my boat back in the water and was abke to make some pictures.
        How can I send these to you?

  7. When timing the ignition (Petronix Ignitor 2) on my Formula Ford (Kent) I found the timing on No1 and No4 cylinders differed by over 10 degrees at maximum advance. What could have caused this? Can I replace the faulty part by a similar Powerspark unit?
    Also on changing back to a points distributor the tacho grossly over reads and is very unsteady. Any ideas why?
    Thanks Peter.

    1. Thank you for your questions, I feel this would be best served if you can call our technical helpline where we will be able to offer good advice on a personal level.
      Thank you

  8. Hi
    I live in Australia and am running a Mk2 1600 Ford Escort engine in a Mk1 body. I have previously used a Crane Cams XR700 unti, but it has recently failed. I was just wondering if the ambient temperatures in Australia may effect the running of the Powerspark unit. the average max temp in Perth, Western Australia is around 35oC, but can get as hot as 43oC. Does the unit need a heatsink of any sort?

    1. Thank you for your blog post…
      The Powerspark ignition systems all now have intelligent heat management and the ambient temperatures are not a problem, each ignition kit comes with a base plate which also acts as a heat sink and therefore you can fit our product without worry.

      I hope this helps


  9. Yep called
    No help at all
    Wast told to set at about 8 btdc
    But engine will not run at all
    This is the second engine I have try this on
    And both needed the same
    15 to 20 btdc but to much advance
    When running (45 ish )
    Have now disconnect the vac hose
    And it runs better on a run
    Not so well round town

  10. Hi buddy
    I am running one of your Powerspark 034 SVDA distributor in my vw 1600 camper
    When I try and set it with strobe gun
    I cannot get 7.5 before TDC if it sits less than 20 before TDC van will not run..
    So we set by gun 7.5 before TDC then adjusted by ear so it sounded right
    And was running nicely
    And no tickover is not to fast it’s about
    900 rpm
    At this point it’s about 20 after TDC
    WITH the vac pipe on brings it Upto about 45 to 50 before TDC
    But it runs hot and pinks on long runs
    Today going to try it without vac pipe connected and blocked
    Would it then just make it like a 900 dizzy
    Other than it cannot be set lower than 20 before TDC it starts very well and around town all good
    It’s only on long runs over 10 miles it’s then getting very hot and pinking
    And help you can give ?? Peter 07989739796
    I have also taken it to a vw garage they say
    Set them by ear
    Witch is what we have now done but still thinking maybe something maybe missing inside
    As I am sure we should be able to set 7.5 btdc

  11. Tengo distribuidor luchas 65 dm4 auu 1052 42626 es compatible con auu 1536 42664 un saludo gracias.

    1. Por favor, explique lo que su pregunta es? Veo que tienes la 65DM4 qué partes están buscando?

      Please explain what your question is? I see you have the 65DM4 which parts are you looking for ?

  12. Hi
    I am interested in upgrading my 1600 Ford Kent from the points and condenser setup, to electronic ignition. I am running dual weber 40 carbs on it, so will need a side exit cap. I am looking for the whole kit. The engine is running in a Lotus 7 replica (Birkin), with gasflowed heads etc. Used mostly on road and odd track day.

    What would you recommend for the whole conversion? Also do you ship to South Africa?

    1. Thank you for your enquiry, we are able to supply all of these parts for you.
      I have contacted you through your email address directly to help with this request.

      1. Please email me as I also stay in South Africa and would like to change my ignition system on my Leyland Mini 1100 Clubman. Currently running a Lucas 45D.

  13. Not sure in powerspark are the same as accuspark but I would suggest as with many others not to touch accuspark I have returned their equipment as it’s rubbish and threw their ignition system in the bin.Still not received a refund

    1. Thank you for your post. They are two different companies and we pride outselves on having excellent customer service here at Powerspark. Please feel free to contact us with any qiestions.

    2. Thank you for your reply and if you have any problem with a Powerspark unit then please contact us before throwing the product in the bin, we are happy to help and resolve any issue.

  14. Hi,
    I’m interested in fitting Powerspark electronic ignition kit to my 1978 Fiat 127 900/L with Magneti Marelli distributor without vacuum (S155A). Which kit would be appropriate for my car and do you ship to Croatia?
    Thank you,

  15. as an addition to my comment above, what is the current draw to run the accuspark module itself ?

    also, is an intermotor 11480 coil ok with an accuspark ?

  16. hi

    is it worth getting a 12v regulator to sit between the accupsark + lead and the supply from the vehicle ?

    they can be bought for pence these days and it wold remove the possible 14.2v problem
    as mentioned in the fitting guide, and perhaps also increase stability ?



    1. Thank you for your email, yes the addition on a voltage regulator would be a good investment and can be fitted to prevent premature failure from a voltage spike.

      1. thanks.

        what current does the accuspark module itself draw ?

        i need to know so as to get a sufficiently capable regulator.

    1. Matched to the electronic ignition is this ignition coil : HERE
      Although we have a number of them on our site, with any that state they are for electronic ignition or let me know if you would like a specific model or fitment and I will help get the coil you want.

    2. Thank you for your comment, the Powerspark ignition coil HERE is the same specification as the Lucas Gold sports coil DLB105 and this coil will be ideal for our electronic points relpacement ignition systems.

  17. The distributor of my 31 has been switched to 12V Neg ground, with modern points (but with no condenser), which triggers a 95 Ford ignition system. The points cam is the same original cam held in place with a screw. I would like to have your point-less trigger for my existing setup. Hopefully your trigger would simply replace the existing points, and slip on your magnetic ring over the cam. I would like to retain the existing original distributor cap. The distributor looks similar to the 1932 Ford model Y for the European market, but it has a manual spark control . There are no markings on the distributor, but I can send photos, if you tell me where to send them. Thanks for your consideration, Bob Vogler

    Reply: Thank you for your comment, can you send images to our email address sales@simonbbc.com and we can look at getting you a solution.

    1. Thank you for your email, Powerspark ignition do not do an ignition kit that drops directly into this distributor however if you can send me images of this distributor and markings from the side I can try to get a solution for you.

  18. I have just fitted accuspark ign. to my MGB on the road its the best it as ever run and ticks over beautifully but when hot it does not start I have checked wires to coil they are right so wonder if you can help.

    1. Thanks for the email and the problem you describe could be that you have changed your coil but did this with an incompatible one so please check the coil and also see if you have a ballast please.
      Failing that the module may have an issue but this is less likely than an issue with the ballast from what you describe.

  19. I fitted a module to my 1975 series 3 land rover. it has a 45 type distributor on it. I too noticed the black trigger ring was very slightly too tight a fit but figured gentle removal of the hard plastic could not hurt so that’s what I did. Got a very nice tight fit and fired it up, fantastic. Been on about 3 months now and I kid you not she starts first time every time even in the cold. Tickover is very even and I think the result is way better than the previous points set up.

  20. Hello Simon, I bought a new points dissy from Craddocks a month ago (25D) for my 1957 Series 1 Land Rover, which works fine, but I chose to convert it to electronic ignition after the condenser it came with failed. I bought an Accuspark kit, but the black lug with the magnet, that goes over the rotor shaft, was way too tight a fit. It turns out the rotor shaft in my new dissy is way too far out of spec (17.5mm diameter – should be 16.5mm) and I plan to return it. I guess the Powerspark kits also suit a 16.5mm diameter rotor shaft too. So, I’m wondering what you might have as a electronic complete distributor for my car. I’d be interested in either a DM2 Electronic distributor (original dissy in my car was a DM2), or a 25D electronic distributor, as it’ll work – or either without vac advance if such a thing exists…..Oh, and with side exit leads. I hope you can help.


    1. Thank you, yes we can certainly supply the correct parts for you and any problem with the trigger ring we are able to resolve too.
      Please contact us by email or call our office to get the parts you require.

  21. Do you supply powerspark kit for ac delco distributor fitted to triumph dolomite 1850 and is it a straight forward job to fit. I believe the dizzy model is d302. tractor boy

    1. Thanks for your comment, we recommend using the silicon compound HT leads when you upgrade to the sports coil and if you have silicon leads then there no problem with electronic ignition at all. The issue with copper leads is related to the increased kick you get from a beefier coil.

  22. Which leads do i check for copper? The distributor from petronix burnt out twice with my original coil and once with my sports coil. Is there a kind of regulator i can buy to stop or prevent this as my car runs a lot better with this electronic distributor and would liek one back on

    1. The HT leads should be tested to see if they are copper… if they are copper you can get resistive ends for them or for the same money a new set of silicon HT leads which tend to be resistive and are a better pairing for electronic ignition.

  23. Hi Simon – can you elaborate on this comment: “There is NO improvement in the Stealth electronic ignition II, the system has not had any development and is simply a new name. If you are looking for the best saturation and dwell control with an ignition system upgrade then the High Energy system will be the best option for the 1500 gt Cortina”. Surely with programmable/adjustable dwell and advance the Stealth offers more flexibility than the High Energy with (I assume) a fixed mechanical advance?

    1. This article was written when Accuspark released a “Stealth II” ignitor and it refers to the fact the internally there is no difference over that and the first one that they released 3 or so years ago.

      That is separate from your question however so forgive me for going off on a tangent, there is no improvement yet over the first ignition kit be it the first one on the scene the Powerspark electronic ignition kit or the late arrival Accuspark I or II it is simply clever marketing.

      There will soon be a new ignition kit to hit the market (estimated early January) from Powerspark and I am sure from Accuspark too and this will offer a lot of new features that will have many improvements.

      Watch this space…

      1. I have got an mgb gt 1972. I have had two petronix electronic distributors 45d and both have failed, they were even fitted to my car by the man himself (alan), he was baffled as to why this had happened saying that my car was the first car to have had this happen to…I have had a new lucas sports coil, new leads, new spark plugs and i am now back on points, would your distributor be any different and have you any idea why i keep gettin burnt out units? Just a bit worried as i use my mgb as a daily commute and your units seem to be no different from petronix?

      2. Thanks for the question.
        Please can you contact me about this, it is possible that copper leads can be a cause of this coupled with the sports coil so can you tell me what material they are?

  24. Hi! Simon Ilive in NZ and am interested in replacing points et. in a Triumph Stag which model “Power Spark” do I require? Also can I contact you by telephone?

  25. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for that – will progress this evening.
    Should that little earth strap be attached again or just trimmed off??

    Thanks and regards


  26. I am trying to fit the conversion kit to the 45D4 distributor on my friend’s MGB and have a problem fitting the rotating magnet on the top of the distributor shaft – it’s seemingly slightly too small.
    I’ve taken any burring off the edges of the recess but without tapping it on with a hammer, I can’t see how else to get it on. It says not to use to much force in the instructions – should I progress with the hammer and small socket?

    Should the earth link from the distributor body that used to be connected to the condenser securing screw again be connected to the lower screw on the pick up?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Paul

      Thanks for the question and this could possibly be due to an oversized shaft that is installed in the 45D we do see this every now and again.
      It is either an aftermarket distributor or simply a different shaft was picked during assembly.
      Please do not apply too much pressure to the ring and we find the best thing to do is dremmel/file out the inside of the trigger ring so that it does slip over nicely… Just a little at a time and if that goes wrong then please let us know we are always happy to help.

  27. Stealth Electronic ignition 2 is it as good with adaptive dwell for a 1500 gt cortina 1963 and can i use any electric ign coil with this kit.

    1. There is NO improvement in the Stealth electronic ignition II, the system has not had any development and is simply a new name. If you are looking for the best saturation and dwell control with an ignition system upgrade then the High Energy system will be the best option for the 1500 gt Cortina

  28. Hi nice little article.
    was just wondering if you know how high the powerspark electronic points for a mini can rev up to without failure/overheating?

    1. Thank you for your post, our Powerspark ignition kit will safely allow the vehicle to continue revving as it did on points with more accuracy and power through out the rev range and because of the development that we have put into this ignition kit over the last 12 years heat is handled well within the module and there are no limits.
      Other ignition kits are older in design and have not had the same length of development so they tend to be limited with their capability.
      I hope this helps

  29. looking to replace the points on my 1978 mgb gt the distributor is a 43D4 which i understand is the same as the 45D4. Is there a powerspark kit for this and do I need a replacement rotor. Many thanks. Geoff

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  31. Hello,
    I am investigating fitting an electronic ignition system to my 1965 Alvis. The vehicle is positive earth. Without re inventing the wheel and having to change the whole electrical system to Negative earth is there anything available which will give good results?

    1. The Powerspark system now is available for positive earth and this is simply a drop in solution however converting to negative earth is not too lengthy a job and can be done on most vehicles without a hitch.
      Our write up, I hope will help HERE
      This also saves you a fair bit of money as the negative solution is half the price but we have both options available for you.

  32. I have 6V VW Beetle 1200cc 1961 model with Bosch ZV/PAU/4R5 distributor with broad cap and 2 parts CB point. Presenttly I have converted into 12V. Do you have electronic kit to replace this headache CB point system
    ? Remember it should fit existing Bosch wide cap distributor ZV/PAU/4R5 having vacum advance unit. Appreciated for your quick response.

    Goa India

  33. I am changing my Distributor and Coil in a VW Beetle 1969 1500cc Beetle to an Electronic one should I buy Pertronix, Accuspark or Powerspark make and which one. I will be obliged if you can help me.

    1. Hello Nasir

      Regarding Pertronix, I can say that the Powerspark product is very similar to this solution and the results are identical.
      Obviously the price is a bit different and Powerspark offers a lengthy warranty with the conversion kits and distributors.
      On the 69 Beetle if you are looking to upgrade to electronic ignition then I would certainly look at the Lucas Gold Sports coil DLB105 and the Powerspark 034 SVDA distributor.
      This will increase your starting running and fuel economy without a doubt and the performance gain with this distributor will leave you wishing you did this a long time before now.

      I hope this helps

  34. Regarding Accuspark they only replace points with an electronic ignition conversion kit, Powerspark distributors are custom build distributors with a complete hall effect electronic ignition system and not a magnetic triggered conversion kit the result is a much more responsive component and an altogether more reliable ignition system IMHO.
    The distributor that they use are all the same advance curve and not matched to any specific engine.. they have electornic ignition kits just as Powerspark do and Accuspark rely on that system for all of their distributors and this I think is a big downfall.
    The kit is good however it is not high dwell and does not allow high energy coils to be used so the spark is only going to be as good as points and a little better one of the benefits of the kit itself is that it is more responsive than points through the rev range BUT this kit is certainly going to have limits and this is why http://www.simonbbc.com from speaking to them use a different custom built system over the conversion kit.

  35. Thank you for your question, the benfits are:
    You do not rely on your points and condensor
    Set it once and forget it
    Improved fuel economy
    Increased performance through the rev range
    Simple to fit
    Smooths most poor running

    There are many more benefits from using the electronic ignition kit but the main reasons are above.


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