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Top 5 Classic Cars Of All Time

Posted: July 16, 2021 by simonbbc in cars, classic cars

At Powerspark we adore classic cars, this is the main reason that we supply a wide range of classic car parts for many different cars. Be sure to have a look at our cars page for a selection of but ‘not limited too’, to see if we provide the right car parts for you. Seen below are 5 classic cars that we perceive are the greatest of all time, they are in no particular order, so we’ll leave that ranking to you.

Aston Martin DB5

Starting off with an absolute giant in the classic car scene. There are not many cars that feel classic compared to an Aston Martin. Whether it be its mechanical design, it’s ice-cold look or the obvious affiliation to James Bond, the car truly is a classic. Though it looks the part of a sports car, it’s 4.0 litre and 6-cylinder engine made sure that it was not fitting to that label. It can reach up to 145 mph, so there is no wonder why it may be mistaken for a sports car. In fact it is more of a luxury car with it’s wool carpets and electric windows.

Porsche 911

Another one of the most popular names in the entire industry. We do not know one person who is not aware of this car. The earliest version of the 911 started with a 2.0 litre engine. It had totalhorsepower of around 130, this massively contrasts to the more recent models as they are more like 500 +! Yet when it first came out in 1963, it was ahead of its time and a breath of fresh air in the car industry. Porsche ceased production of the model in 1989, however there are still so many mint condition versions being drive around and cared for today.

Volkswagen Beetle

This car goes down as one of the biggest selling cars of all time. It’s smart simple design appealed to consumers in the 1960’s as that is when it gained the majority of its popularity, despite being around since before WW2. Sadly the Beetle had production stopped in 2019, yet because of how many are still being sold and can be seen on the roads today. The true legacy of the Beetle will never be forgotten.

Land Rover

This classic car birthed the term ‘4×4’. First produced with the 80” series 1 in 1948, the car was a good 30-40 years ahead of its time as the car was the first all-rounder. You could drive it off and off the roads, on rough or smooth ground, it was the perfect car to get from A to B. The car is still being developed with newer models today which goes to show how popular and groundbreaking it was in the early 1950’s.

Jaguar E-Type

The saying ‘saving the best till last’ is thrown around a lot these days, however this phrase cannot be more true when referring to the Jaguar E-Type in our classic cars list. Described by Enzo Ferrari as ‘The most beautiful car ever made’ it was the golden jewel in British manufacturing. It saw Jaguar rise up as one of the main brands within the country and they still are today. It ruled the 1960’s, with it being faster than the Ferrari and at a third of the price! There truly are not enough superlatives to describe these classic cars.

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An occasional blog series where we find cars from around the internet and try to persuade you to buy them… 


What is it?

It’s a 1971 Opel GT

Where did you find it?

For sale at on Car & Classic, HERE

Why buy it?

Well a Ferrari 250 GTO will set you back something like £23m and a Toyota 2000 GT close to £1m. So you’re getting the rear end looks of a Ferrari 250 GTO and the front end style of a Toyota 2000 GT for literally a fraction of the price.

How much is it?


Is that a lot?

Well, there aren’t exactly many of these for sale. According to, there are 29 registered in the UK that are on the road. So importing this one and getting it registered on UK plates would increase the national population of Opel GT owners by one!

But can I fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition? 

Yes, the Opel GT uses our K6 Electronic Ignition Kit.

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Here’s some more photos:

What is it?

It’s a 1968 Triumph Spitfire that’s been sat at the bottom of someones garden since 1983.

powerspark-ignition-triumph-tr6-barn-findWhere did you find it?

For sale at on eBay, HERE

Why buy it?

With the fastback style hardtop it really is a looker, and being a barn find means it could go two ways… Either you’re about to snag a bargain, or it’s going to go for museum money.

How much is it?

Right now, at the time of writing, £99 with no bids and no reserve and a week left to run.

Is that a lot?

You can buy a good Spitfire for around £5,000, so this auction would have to end at a pretty low price to make the restoration worth the job. Who knows, that’s the fun of the online auction for you!

But can I fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition?

Most definitely. For a Triumph Spitfire you’ll be needing one of these two:

Triumph Spitfire with Lucas Distributor – Powerspark K4 Electronic Ignition Kit
Triumph Spitfire with Delco Distributor – Powerspark K24 Electronic Ignition Kit

Although we don’t sell elbow grease, and it looks like you’ll need a bucket or two of that…

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Here’s some more photos:

One of the eternal questions for classic car fans…

Which is more beautiful, the Jaguar E Type or Toyota 2000GT?

What do you think? Leave a comment!


The Aldon Amethyst has arrived

The Amethyst Mappable ignition system connects discreetly to any distributor retaining ‘The Classic’ look, whilst giving full user control over advance characteristics for vacuum, boost and TPS (throttle position sensors).

  • Compatible with Powerspark Electronic ignition
  • RPM and load maps
  • Easy configuration via laptop with USB connection
  • Configurable “soft” rev limiter

Built in immobiliser

The Amethyst unit takes its input from your existing distributor (once advance is locked) and calculates the required ignition advance based on RPM and either inlet manifold pressure or throttle position. The unit can be configured via a PC connected to its USB port.

Full support from Powerspark and Aldon Ignition on installation and setup


Just a quick post to show you all this awesome bit of kit at the NEC Jan 2013 this is super light mini stock car, running our A+ non Vac distributor a Lucas gold sports coil (DLB105) & our set of red 8mm Racing HT leads to specification.


To Purchase this Distributor please visit this LINK
To Purchase the coil used in the application please visit this LINK
To Purchase this Leads used in the application please visit this LINK and please leave a note of the application for correct lengths