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What is it?

It’s a 1968 Triumph Spitfire that’s been sat at the bottom of someones garden since 1983.

powerspark-ignition-triumph-tr6-barn-findWhere did you find it?

For sale at on eBay, HERE

Why buy it?

With the fastback style hardtop it really is a looker, and being a barn find means it could go two ways… Either you’re about to snag a bargain, or it’s going to go for museum money.

How much is it?

Right now, at the time of writing, £99 with no bids and no reserve and a week left to run.

Is that a lot?

You can buy a good Spitfire for around £5,000, so this auction would have to end at a pretty low price to make the restoration worth the job. Who knows, that’s the fun of the online auction for you!

But can I fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition?

Most definitely. For a Triumph Spitfire you’ll be needing one of these two:

Triumph Spitfire with Lucas Distributor – Powerspark K4 Electronic Ignition Kit
Triumph Spitfire with Delco Distributor – Powerspark K24 Electronic Ignition Kit

Although we don’t sell elbow grease, and it looks like you’ll need a bucket or two of that…

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Here’s some more photos:

One of the eternal questions for classic car fans…

Which is more beautiful, the Jaguar E Type or Toyota 2000GT?

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The Aldon Amethyst has arrived

The Amethyst Mappable ignition system connects discreetly to any distributor retaining ‘The Classic’ look, whilst giving full user control over advance characteristics for vacuum, boost and TPS (throttle position sensors).

  • Compatible with Powerspark Electronic ignition
  • RPM and load maps
  • Easy configuration via laptop with USB connection
  • Configurable “soft” rev limiter

Built in immobiliser

The Amethyst unit takes its input from your existing distributor (once advance is locked) and calculates the required ignition advance based on RPM and either inlet manifold pressure or throttle position. The unit can be configured via a PC connected to its USB port.

Full support from Powerspark and Aldon Ignition on installation and setup


Just a quick post to show you all this awesome bit of kit at the NEC Jan 2013 this is super light mini stock car, running our A+ non Vac distributor a Lucas gold sports coil (DLB105) & our set of red 8mm Racing HT leads to specification.


To Purchase this Distributor please visit this LINK
To Purchase the coil used in the application please visit this LINK
To Purchase this Leads used in the application please visit this LINK and please leave a note of the application for correct lengths