About HT Leads

Powerspark’s modern HT lead has been developed throughout the history of this company with improvements in mind, we believe that no other affordable HT lead supplier can match the performance of a Powerspark HT Lead.

It has long been known that copper HT leads have limitations. We recommend moving away from Copper core HT leads to protect any electronic ignition and to maximise the ignition capability.

Our UK made HT Leads use double silicon carbon ferroflex core cable for maximum spark transfer and minimal power loss. This is makes the leads resistant to temperature, water, oil degradation and chemical attack.

What makes our HT leads superior?

The leads are made from two silicon layers which sandwich a fibreglass braid, giving the leads strength and insulation. Next there is a nickel coated spiral wound wire for exceptional conductivity and resistance to oxidation. These layers cover a carbon / graphite film which reduces skin effect loss and EMI interference. This film surrounds a ferrite impregnated silicone mag core for increased conductivity and reduced RFI noise interference as well as providing the perfect wire end terminations for reliable operation. Finally is the carbon impregnated core which has exceptional conductivity and improved pull strength. This combination gives you a strong, reliable, long lasting HT lead that’s perfect for use with electronic ignition.

These leads feature the highest quality and performance ISO 3808 Class Noise Suppression.

We offer HT leads for any make and model of vehicle – if we don’t have them in stock, we can build them to your exact specification.

Our HT leads are available in a range of colours, as well as in 7mm and 8mm varieties to suit all ages of classic car.