“Late on Friday night my wife popped out to put the electronically operated roof back on our convertible Golf 2.0 MK3, as we’d had the top down earlier in the day. To do that you need the keys in the ignition….

On Monday morning, we couldn’t find the keys… sure enough, they were in the ignition, with the key at position 2. Needless to say, the battery couldn’t be flatter. We grabbed an Ampstore from Powerspark, and straight out of the box without even charging the device up it started the Golf almost immediately. Buy one. Buy one now”



Quick Links – Ignition Bundles

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Logo_0008_ford Anglia 100E http://bit.ly/FordAnglia100IgnitionBundle
Logo_0008_ford Pinto http://bit.ly/FordPintoIgnitionBundle
Logo_0008_ford Cologne V6 http://bit.ly/FordCologneV6IgnitionBundle
Logo_0008_ford Crossflow http://bit.ly/FordCrossflowIgnitionBundle
Logo_0008_ford Essex V6 http://bit.ly/FordEssexV6IgnitionBundle
Logo_0008_ford Zephyr & Zodiac 6 Cyl http://bit.ly/FordZephyr6IgnitionBundle
Logo_0003_jaguar E Type & XJ 6 Cyl http://bit.ly/Jaguar6CylIgnitionBundle
Logo_0007_land rover V8 Engines http://bit.ly/LandRoverV8IgnitionBundle
Logo_0007_land rover 4 Cylinder Engines http://bit.ly/LandRover4CylIgnitionBundle
Logo_0001_mg MGB 1800cc http://bit.ly/MGB1800ccIgnitionBundle
Logo_0001_mg Midget http://bit.ly/MGMidgetIgnitionBundle
Logo_0000_mini A Plus Engines http://bit.ly/MiniAPlusIgnitionBundle
Logo_0000_mini A Series Engines http://bit.ly/MiniASeriesIgnitionBundle
morris Minor http://bit.ly/MorrisMinorIgnitionBundle
Logo_0006_porsche 356, 912, 914 http://bit.ly/PorscheAirCooledIgnitionBundle
Logo_0004_rover V8 Engines http://bit.ly/Roverv8IgnitionBundle
Logo_0002_triumph TR3, TR4, Herald, 1300, 1500 http://bit.ly/Triumph4CylIgnitionBundle
Logo_0002_triumph Spitfire 1500 http://bit.ly/TriumphSpitfire1500IgnitionBundle
Logo_0002_triumph Spitfire 1147cc / 1298cc http://bit.ly/TriumphSpitfireIgnitionBundle
Logo_0002_triumph Toledo, Dolomite http://bit.ly/TriumphIgnitionBundle
Logo_0002_triumph TR6, GT6, Vitesse, 2.5, 2500 http://bit.ly/Triumph6CylIgnitionBundle
Logo_0005_vw Air Cooled Engines http://bit.ly/VwAirCooledIgnitionBundle

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Screenshot 2018-05-11 16.28.06

The Lifeline B6001 Intelligent Trickle Charger is now back in stock, with a new and improved microprocessor.

Ever popular with classic car owners and collectors, the B6001 has a built in electronic auto shut off to prevent the battery from overcharging. It uses pulse recharging to extend the working life of any battery, and functions as a trickle charger
to maintain and optimise a battery; as well as having the ability to rescue a completely at battery. The dustproof and spashproof outer cover makes it durable and hardwearing, whilst the simple LED display makes it very easy to use. Ideal for infrequently used leisure and pleasure vehicles such as classic cars, motorcycles, caravans and boats, vehicles which spend any length of time not being used.

As the technology on modern cars becomes more complex, the drain on automotive batteries has increased. Many cars do not like being left standing for long periods of time, and a trickle charger can go some distance to avoiding unneccesary headaches that can come with a at or ruined battery.

Lifeline B6001 Trickle Charger & Battery Optimiser – Single Unit £29.95 (RRP £29.95) 

Lifeline B6001 Trickle Charger & Battery Optimiser – Twin Pack £49.95 (RRP £59.95) 

Lifeline B6001 Trickle Charger & Battery Optimiser – Triple Pack £64.95 (RRP £79.95)

A happy customer writes…

Posted: May 11, 2018 by goodshoutmedia in Powerspark Products, Customer Vehicles

Good afternoon,

I ordered a 034 dist, viper coil leads and plugs from you.

Finally got them fitted early this week, although a slight scare with the timing of this dist being 90 degree different from one already fitted (009 )

Car started up fine and is running the smoothest and by far the quietest it ever has in my ownership. It sounds so much better and without all the shakes it had before and now no backfiring , esp good as the car has no silencers fitted at all.

Thank you so much for your recommendation of which combination of parts to fit.

Well impressed with the parts and quality of service”

from Trevor Walker


May Bank Holiday Photo Competition Entrants

Posted: May 8, 2018 by goodshoutmedia in Reference

For the early May Bank Holiday 2018 we ran a Bank Holiday Photo Competition. Here’s a rundown of all the entrants:

Powerspark Facebook Competition Tim Copland

Powerspark Facebook Competition Tim Borrett

Powerspark Facebook Competition Steve Telfer

Powerspark Facebook Competition Sheenagh Burdell

Powerspark Facebook Competition Richard Wharmby

Powerspark Facebook Competition Owen McClintock

Powerspark Facebook Competition Nik Bagshaw

Powerspark Facebook Competition Neil Gavin

Powerspark Facebook Competition Mark Worthington

Powerspark Facebook Competition Les Golden

Powerspark Facebook Competition La-Toya Austin

Powerspark Facebook Competition Kris Henson

Powerspark Facebook Competition Kris Henson 

Powerspark Facebook Competition Kevin Medley

Powerspark Facebook Competition Julie Watson

Powerspark Facebook Competition Jeni Flair

Powerspark Facebook Competition J.H.Evans

Powerspark Facebook Competition Diego Francois

Powerspark Facebook Competition Damon Blackmer

Powerspark Facebook Competition Cornel Vulcanean

Powerspark Facebook Competition Bob Cobley

Powerspark Facebook Competition Barry Wales

Powerspark Facebook Competition Barry Knght

Powerspark Facebook Competition Andre Filipe

Powerspark Facebook Competition Andra Mariana Dobre

Powerspark Facebook Competition Allen Butcher

Powerspark Ignition Catalogue 2018

Posted: April 23, 2018 by goodshoutmedia in Reference

Powerspark Catalogue 2018 Version 1

Powerspark Catalogue 2018 Version 2

This afternoon we were visited by this fantastic California import VW Splittie and just had to share a photo! What a wonderful colour.


Staffer Jon spent his lunch break improving the horn on his MGB.

The Lucas LUHN007 is a brand new genuine Lucas item and gives a surprisingly loud and confident tone, making the MGB sound much more sure of itself than ever before!

Buy yours here

Powerspark-Ignition-Lucas-LUHN007-Horn-MGB-fitting_0003_Layer 2Powerspark-Ignition-Lucas-LUHN007-Horn-MGB-fitting_0000_IMG_3341


Jon is clearly impressed by his cars new found confidence

A dynamator is a replacement for your dynamo, that looks like a dynamo but functions like an alternator.

You can browse the full range of dynamators here

Here’s a handy guide to identifying which dynamator model your car requires:

Make Model Notes
Austin A40 1952-1954 C39/40
Austin 1100/ 1300/ 1300 GT C39/40
Austin A35 1959 C39/40
Austin A40 Saloon MKI 1960 C39/40
Austin A55 1960 C39/40
Austin Seven 850 1959 C39/40
Austin Healey Sprite MKI & MKII (Early) C39/40 Available with Tacho
Austin Healey Sprite MKII & MKIII C39/40
Austin Healey 3000 1964 – 1968 C42
Austin Healey 3000 1959 – 1960 C45
Austin Healey 3000 1964 – 1968 C45
Austin Healey 100 1954 -1959 C45
AC Ace (Ford Engine) C40L
Siddeley Sapphire 234/236 1956 – 1958 C39/40
Aston Martin DB2 – DB4 MKII C45
Bristol 400 / 401 / 403 / 404 / 405 / 406 C39/40
Daimler one-o-four 3.5 1957 – 1959 C45
Daimler one-o-four 4.5 1957 – 1960 C45
Daimler Majestic 1959 – 1960 C45
Daimler Conquest 1954 – 1958 C39/40
Daimler Ambulance 1949 – 1954 C45
Daimler Consort 1950-1953 C45
Daimler 2.5 1946 -1952 C45
Daimler Dart V8 SP250 C40
Daimler Regancey 1953 -1955 C45
Ford Anglia  C39/40
Suitable for all Pre-cross flow & cross flow models.
Not suitable for PINTO or V4 Engines
Ford Capri 1300/ 1600 /2000 C39/40
Ford Cortina / X-Flow C39/40
Ford Escort MKI & MKII C39/40
Ford Escort RS 1600/ 1600 TC C39/40
Ford Consul Classic C39/40
Ford Cortina/ Lotus Twin Cam 1558cc C39/40
Ford Zephyr Zodiac ( 4+ 6 Cylinder) C39/40
Hillman Husky 1955-1960 C39/40
Hillman Minx 1947-1948 C45
Hillman Minx 1953-1960 C39/40
Hillman Imp C39/40
Jaguar 2.4L / 240 1963 – 1969 C40L
Jaguar 3.4/ 3.8L/ 340 & S Models 1963 – 1968 C42
Jaguar E Type 3.8L C42
Jaguar E Type 3.8L S1 1964 C45
Jaguar XK120/ XK140/ XK150 C45
Jenson Interceptor 1951 – 1954 C45
Jowett Javelin 1952 – 1954 C39
Jowett Javelin 1948 C45
Land Rover 80 inch 1948 – 1952 C39/40
Land Rover Series I 1952 – 1959 C39/40
Land Rover Series I 1958 – 1959 C45
Land Rover Series II 1959 – 1960
Land Rover Series II 1959 – 1960 C45
Land Rover 4 + 6 Cylinder C39/40
Land Rover 6 Cylinder C45
Lotus 7 Twin Cam C39/40
Lotus Elan/ Lotus Elan Plus 2/ Sprin C39/40
Lotus Elan S4/ Sprint C39/40
Marcos 1600 GT / X- Flow 1969 – 1970 C39/40
MG 1 1/4 litre 1947-1949 C45
MG 1 1/4 litre 1950-1953 C39/40 Available with Tacho
MG TC – 1945 -1949 C45
MG TC – 1950 C39/40 Available with Tacho
MG TD – 1950 -1953 C39/40 Available with Tacho
MG TF – 1954 -1955
MG Magnette 1953 -1960 C39/40 Available with Tacho
MGA 1500/ 1600, MKII 1955 – 1962 C39/40 Available with Tacho
MGA Twin Cam C39/40 Available with Tacho
MG 1300 C39/40 Available with Tacho
MG Midget MKI (Early) C39/40 Available with Tacho
MG Midget MKI MKII , MIII C39/40 Available with Tacho
MGB 1962 -1968 C39/40 Available with Tacho
Classic Mini all years C40
Morris Minor all years C39/40
Morris Oxford 1948- 1960 C39/40
Morris Oxford C45
Morgan Plus 4 1946-1949 C45
Morgan Plus 4 1953 C39/40
Morgan 4/4 1600 C39/40
Reliant Regal 1953 – 1960
Reliant Regent 1951 – 1960 C39/40
Relaint Robin
Reliant TW9, B, C, E 1970 – 1972 C39/40
Reliant Sabre 6 C40L
Riley 1 ½ L 1946 – 1949 C45
Riley 1 ½ L 1951 – 1960 C39/40
Riley 4/68 1959 – 1960 C39/40
Riley 2 ½ L 1947 – 1953 C45
Riley Pathfinder 1954 – 1957 C45
Riley 2.6 1958 – 1959 C45
Rover 2000/ SC/ TC C42
Rover 3L C42
Sunbeam Alpine C39/40
Sunbeam Rapier C39/40
Triumph GT6 C39/40
Triumph Herald C39/40
Triumph Spitfire 1.2L/ 1.3L C39/40
Triumph Vitesse C39/40
Triumph 2000 C40L
TVR Grantura C40L
Wolseley 1100/ 1300 C39/40
Wolseley 16/ 60 C39/40
Wolseley Hornet C39/40
Vauxhall Cresta E-Type 1954 -1957 C39/40
Vauxhall Victor 1958 – 1959 C39/40
Vauxhall 10HP – 12HP 1946 – 1947 C45
Vauxhall Friary 1955 – 1957 C39/40
Vauxhall Dormobile 1955 – 1957 C39/40
Vauxhall Grosvenor 1955 – 1957 C39/40