How to: Jump Start your Vehicle

Powerspark recommend using caution when jump-starting the vehicle fitted with our electronic kit.

Follow these steps, to avoid damage to the equipment or injury to yourself.

  1. Connect the battery’s + terminal to the other vehicle’s battery + terminal.
  2. Connect the negative (black) part of the jumper cable to engine ground points, such as a bolt on the engine block, on both vehicles.
    Do not turn the ignition switch to the ON position while the vehicle at the other end of the jumper cables is running, instead let the battery charge (or use a battery charger insteaD)
  3. Remove the jumper cables or charger BEFORE turning on the ignition switch and starting your vehicle.

If the ignition switch is in the ON position while both vehicles are running, the electrical surge resulting from both vehicles’ charging systems being connected together with jumper cables could be enough to destroy the ignition module and/or other any electronic components.