25D Performance electronic ignition distributor Powerspark

Simonbbc http://www.simonbbc.com is now supplying the Performance Powerspark 25D distributor.

Not just a standard module or a conversion kit this is the high energy module that allows use of the high energy ignition coil for example the Lucas DLB198

The beauty of the Performance module is that you can match it with the high powered ignition coil with less than 1.5 Ohms resistance giving you a much more accurate and powerful spark throughout the rev range as a result.

So you are getting a brand new Lucas type 25D distributor custom built to match your vehicle’s engine also the Powermax red rotor arm which ensures that your do not have trouble with ignition over time and you maximise the performance of the rotor arm, (please read the Powermax Explained blog for more details on this product)

not only that but now you can increase the rating on the coil ensuring that you deliver the best with your ignition system with the Performance ignition module.

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25D distributor electronic ignition Powerspark
Powerspark 25D with Powermax red rotor arm