High Energy Electronic Ignition

Powerspark ignition have a new electronic ignition system and electronic distributors called the “High Energy Powerspark®”

This gives you the chance to upgrade your ignition coil ( for example DLB198 any coil recommended for factory fitted electronic ignition) above the sports coils typically the DLB105 and deliver more punch to the spark plugs resulting in a more responsive and accurate spark throughout the rev range.
This system is used in many applications already from Formula Ford to Hill climb and Fast road / race applications.

Stepping the coil up over and above the sports or standard points coil gives you a spark as shown in this image which is around 3 times better than before.

Powerspark electronic ignition High Energy
Showing the High Energy electronic module output by Powerspark ignition

As with any ignition system it is all about the spark and once you have the best spark you can build up around it with other parts to ensure you are maintaining this for years to come on your precious classic car or performance vehicle.

6 thoughts on “High Energy Electronic Ignition”

  1. Do you do just the high energy kit (not with distributor) for the Lucas 25d, negative earth? I can’t find it listed in the shop. Only the standard version. The car already has the DLB198 coil and I need a replacement electronic module. It was already fitted when I had the car, so don’t know make or model. But it has now failed.

    1. Hi Gareth

      For your original 25D distributor there is no solution that will bolt internally to work with the High Energy DLB198 coil. You can fit a new High Energy Powerspark 25D electronic unit and that will allow you to fit with the Lucas DLB198 coil or any coil with a resistance less than 1.4 Ohms however in this instance I would suggest our K2 & R1 and the VCS Viper Sports coil to ensure there is a match and the electronic module will last well.


      1. Thanks for you reply. Can you clarify your recomendation of k2 & R1 with VCE Viper sports coil? Preferably with web link. The only VCE Viper coil I can find in the shop is high energy with 0.8 ohm coil. The K2 & R1 unit specifies coil resistance greater than 1.5 ohm.

  2. Do these have adaptive dwell? I have just fitted the Powerspark 43D4 High energy distributor and it has 6 degrees dwell at idle and goes up to 25 degrees at 5000rpm. A 4cyl points system would have about 60 degrees dwell.

    1. Thank you for your email.
      Can you please contact our office with this Technical question, we will need to know which vehicle it is you have and if any modifications were made to the engine at all.
      Thank you

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