Quick look at the Powerspark Ignition Kit K31/K31PP Lucas DKY4A 4 Cylinder


Designed to replace the Points & Condenser inside Lucas DKY4A and DKY4HA distributors.

These distributors can be found in a wide variety of classic cars from 1939 to 1954, including (but not limited to):

AC, Alvis, Austin, Beardmore, BSA, Citroen, Healey, Hillman, Humber, HRG, Jaguar, Karrier, Jowett, Lea Francis, MG, Morgan, Morris, Riley, Rover, Singer, Standard, Sunbeam, Triumph, Wolseley, Mercury Trucks, Massey-Harris

For a full list of compatibility for our K31 kit, scroll down.

It is a complete kit to convert your car to electronic ignition. Fitting is easy and instructions are included with the packaging, as well as available online.

Electronic ignition will give your classic car better starting and smoother running.


– Easy to install
– Replaces troublesome points and condenser
– No visible difference in your engine bay
– Improved starting
– Improved performance
– Improved durability
– Maintenance free


– To be used with a higher powered ignition coil of less than 1.4 Ohm
– We recommend our silicon coated carbon core HT Leads instead of copper

Powerspark Electronic Ignition explained in more detail:

The kit uses a simple magnetic trigger and optimises dwell to provide a reliable and consistent spark across the rev range. It is easy to install and maintenance free.

Each kit comprises a baseplate with electronic module, trigger ring and all wiring. The new electronic baseplate mounts exactly where the points and condenser baseplate sat. The kit connects directly to the coil using the wires provided, red to the positive side and black to the negative side. The ignition kit will automatically shut down if the ignition is left switched on without the engine running to prevent component damage.

Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kits are designed to work with a coil resistance above 1.5 ohms, typically 3.0 ohms. Some performance coils operate at a lower resistance and will need the High Energy electronic ignition kit.

Full fitting instructions are included with your kit, and plenty more instructions can be found on our blog

Pre Installation Checks

  •  Please ensure you have a negative earth car if you have the negative earth kit and vice versa.
  • If your car has a Ballast ignition you are running a Ballast ignition coil such as a Lucas DLB110
  • Ensure there is a good earth to the distributor, ignition kit and ignition coil.
  • The Powerspark kit will operate on 6 volt or 12 volt Applications.
  • Make sure any Live wires are to the correct side of the coil e.g. auto choke

Installing the Ignition Kit

  1. Remove the points and condenser base plate from the distributor.
  2. Replace with our electronic ignition base plate.
  3. Place trigger ring over the central shaft ensuring a tight fitment do not force the trigger on.
  4. Fix down the plate using your old screws.
  5. Run the wire around the back of the kit making sure they won’t snag when the distributor rotates.
  6. Replace rotor arm.

Neg Earth:
Powerspark red wire goes to Positive (+ VE, SW, or 15) on ignition coil.
Powerspark Blackwire goes to Negative (- VE, CB, or 1) on ignition coil.

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Positive Earth:
Powerspark white wire goes to ignition feed taken off the ignition coil and left off
Powerspark black wire taken to coil negative
Coil earth terminal taken to earth

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We supply four rings with this ignition kit because there were different versions of shaft from factory. These rings are critical to have in order for this ignition kit to operate correctly across all versions of DKY distributor.

K31 with points plate

DKY4A Distributor

This points replacement kit comes with 3 or 4 rings because of the variation is cams installed across they years, we are the only company on the market to have a full ignition kit with all of the possible trigger ring sizes for your convenience.

Simply select the ring that drops on snugly and discard or return the leftovers.

Please Contact Powerspark Ignition LTD if you have any questions or are unsure about anything
Call : 01527 889453
Email : sales@simonbbc.com


1948-49 MG TC
1939-48 AC, Morris, Rover, Wolseley Alvis 14, Morris Oxford taxi and hire car, Rover 10 and 12, Wolseley 12
1945-50 Alvis, Morris Alvis 14, Morris 12
1946 Austin 16
1950-52 Austin Skipper 60
1947-53 Austin 1947-48 16, 1948-50 A70, 1950-53 hire car, 1948-53 taxi, 1948-52 25 cwt van and ambulance Bristol Tractors Model 20 1949-53; Model 22 1954- 55.Lansing Bagnall 13 h.p. Industrial Tractor 1952- 55.Morris Engines 13 h.p. Industrial 1952-54.
1951-52 Austin A70
1948-52 Austin A40 (except sports)
1950-52 Austin Skipper 35
1951-52 Austin A70 Police car
1951 Austin A40 Sports
1939-40 Beardmore, Commer, Hillman, Karrier 1939-40 Beardmore Taxi, 1939-50 Commer, 1939-40 Hillman 14, 1947-48 Karrier Cob, 1939-40 Cob Junior and Colt, 1946-50 Bantam
1939-48 BSA, Morris 1939-40 BSA Scout, 1939-40 Morris 8, 1948-52 Minor, 1939-53 5 cwt van, 1939 Morris Commercial 15/25 cwt, 1939-40 Standard 8, 9 and 10
1949-50 Citroen 15
1951-52 Citroen 15
1939-48 Commer, Hillman, Triumph Commer 8 cwt, Hillman Minx, Triumph 1800 saloon and roadster
1951-53 Commer, Humber 1951-53 Commer, 1951-52 Humber Hawk, 1951-53 Karrier Bantam
1948-54 Healey, Lea Francis, Riley Healey all models, Lea Francis 14 and ’49 1.5 litre saloon, Riley 2.5 litre
1948-55 Hillman Minx, Husky
1939-53 Hillman Austin taxi, Commer 8 cwt etc, Hillman Minx, Humber Hawk
1939-52 HRG, Singer HRG 12, Singer 9 van, roadster, 10 and 12
1949-53 HRG, Singer 1950-52 HRG 32, 1952-53 Singer 4AC and 4AD, 1949- 53 SM1500
1946-52 HRG, Singer HRG 9, Singer 9, 10
1939-48 Jaguar, Lea Francis, Triumph Jaguar 1.5 litre and SS, Lea Francis 12, Triumph 14
1948-52 Jowet Javelin
1939-48 Jowett, Wolseley 1939-40 Jowett 10 and Van, 1946-48 Wolseley 10
1951-54 Lea Francis 2.5 liter Sports
1947-52 MG 1.5 litre saloon
1953 MG, Morris MG 1.5 litre, Morris 10
1940-54 Morgan, Standard 1948-54 Morgan Plus 4, late 1940 Standard 10, 1946- 48 12
1950-51 Morris Oxford taxi and hire car
1939-53 Morris 1939-40 Morris Commercial CV and all CV models 1949-51, 1954 VC, 1949 ECV 13/5, 1949-53 FV, 1950- 51 PP coach
1948-50 Morris 1948-50 Morris Oxford saloon, 1950 Cowley van and pickup, 1949-50 Morris 10 cwt van
1951-53 Morris Oxford, Cowley van, pickup and 10 cwt J van , Traveller and Wagon
1949-52 Morris Minor SV Brockhouse Engineering `President’ Tractor 1951-56.Mercury Truck and Tractor lOF Tractor (Morris 8 h.p. Engine) 1947.Morris Engines 8 h.p. Industrial 1951-54.
1939-49 Morris, Standard Morris 10, Standard 8 and 14
1939-48 Morris, Standard Morris 10 cwt, Standard 14 Conveyancer Trucks Models with Standard 87 mm. Engine 1951-52.
1940-53 Morris, Wolseley Morris Commercial 15/20 cwt etc, Wolseley 12
1939-54 Riley Riley 1.5 litre, 1939-40 Triumph 12
1952 Riley 2.5 liter
1940-47 Rover 10 and 12
1953-54 Singer 4AC and 4AD twin carb
1948-49 Triumph 1949 Triumph 2000 saloon and roadster
1948-49 Standard 1948-49 Standard Vanguard
1945-47 Sunbeam Talbot 10
1948-50 Sunbeam Talbot 80
1950-53 Triumph Mayflower
1946-48 Wolseley 8
1951 Mercury Trucks Mercury Truck and Tractor `Airtug 40′ (Morris 16 h.p. Engine) 1951.
1951-52 Massey-Harris Massey-Harris 780 Combine (Morris MEB5 Engine) 1951-52.Morris Engines 25 h.p. MEE Industrial 1951- 52.