Sparkrite SX4000 Universal Switchable Ignition Amplifier Module

What is the Sparkrite SX4000?

The Sparkrite SX4000 is an Electronic Ignition system that can be fitted alongside any 12 Volt negative earth points ignition system.

It gives all the benefits of electronic ignition without removing the original points/condenser ignition system. This means it can be switched back to running on points at the flick of a switch, so you always have the reassurance of points back up if any problems should occur.


How Does the Sparkrite SX4000 work?

In a traditional points system the points have to carry the full voltage of the ignition system. The point’s gap is critical as it determines the dwell time for the coil.  This is the time the coil is connected to ground allowing it to charge between each firing, every time the points open and close a spark can often be observed, this can cause damage to the contact surface leading to failure. In addition the point’s heel is constantly wearing closing the point’s gap and altering the dwell causing reduced performance.

The Sparkrite SX4000 diverts the high electrical current away from the points and controls the dwell time electronically, constantly adjusting and giving the correct dwell time. The points now only having to deal with a tiny current so will not burn and will last indefinitely. The point’s gap now only needs to be roughly correct, as dwell is now electronically controlled. It will only need very
occasional adjustment to take up any wear of the heel.

How to fit the Sparkrite SX4000:

A suitable position should be located as far away from any heat source as possible.

Before you start, it’s important to keep your points spotlessly clean. Customers have found that due to the very low current being passed, the slightest amount of contamination can cause a misfire


1. The red wire should be connected to 12 Volts. The positive side of the coil can be used, or any 12 Volt supply controlled by ignition.

2. The White wire should be connected to a good Earth

3. Remove the wire from the negative side of coil that runs to the Distributor and connect this to the Blue wire

4. The Black wire should now be connected to the negative side of coil

5. The Unit has a green LED which will illuminate when in electronic mode and the ignition is switched on. When running it will flash with each ignition pulse.

6. Switch

1 = Electronic Ignition
0  =  Points  Ignition


Switching from points to electronic should be done with ignition off.