How to fit wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are metal discs that fit between a vehicle’s hub and wheel to give the vehicle a wider track and stance.

By using offset fitments, wheel spacers can adapt the fitment of a your wheels, (for example from 4 stud to 5 stud).

Firstly, it’s important to ensure that you FIT THE RIGHT SPACERS FOR YOUR CAR.

Click here to see our list of wheel spacers and find out which one fits your car.

This VW Caddy is utilising wheel spacers to adapt the original 4 x 100 wheel hub to Porsche 5 x 130 fitment

Our wheel spacers are available in a variety of thicknesses to move the wheel further away from the hub and out towards the wheel arch.

Wheel spacers are not just for aesthetic use – they can improve handling and road holding.

How to fit wheel spacers:

There are two types of spacers: Studded and Bolted.

Quite simply, one has studs to mate up to the bolt holes on the hub, the other has holes ready to recieve wheel bolts.

Simply remove your wheel, attach your spacer to your hub using either the bolt or the stud, and attach your wheel to the spacer.


To properly install wheel nuts or bolts, the torque must be set to the recommended specification for your vehicle.

These specifications can be found in your vehicle’s shop manual or obtained from your vehicle dealer.

All hubs should also be clean and free from debris and checked regularly.

Using an accurate torque wrench, tighten the nuts/bolts by using a crisscross sequence as shown below until they have reached their proper torque value.

This should be to 95-100 ft/lbs.

NOTE: Over tightening can cause the following.

(1) Stripped nut or bolt
(2) Stretched wheel stud or bolt
(3) Broken wheel stud or bolt
(4) Distorted brake disc and/or brake drum.

 After installing new wheels they should re-torqued after the first 80 to 160 miles. This is necessary as wheels may compress slightly allowing their nuts/bolts to loosen some of their torque.

Once this has been done please double check the wheel nuts/bolts every time 6 months to ensure safety.

What happens if I don’t tighten my wheel nuts/bolts or use the wrong ones?