No Spark – Guide for Negative Earth Distributors

No Spark NEGATIVE EARTH Checklist:

Please run through the checklist below if you install our system and have no spark, this list is 95% of the causes for “No Spark”.

Just because it worked with points and condenser does not mean it will run with electronic ignition, we often see the wires are reversed on the coil and this for points will mean the spark will go the wrong way and will not be running at it’s best because of this.

Check wires on the coil, measure the voltage on each lead at the coil ensuring the Live wire is on the positive (+’ve) side

Ensure that there is only the Black wire on the negative side of the coil (this wire can provide an unwanted earth for the electronic system and result in no spark, if this is your tachometer/rev counter then remove for testing)

Good coil mounting to give a good earth for the coil bracket

Measure the voltage at the coil positive with the ignition cranking to see the voltage being supplied to the Powerspark kit, this also can show if there is a ballast in the vehicles loom

Good Battery, not an old one because old ones will deteriorate
Ensure the black trigger ring is fully down in place and the cap & red rotor arm or the standard rotor arm is in place

Rotor arm & cap terminals/contacts checked for damage (especially the carbon pin in the cap)

Finally the height of the trigger ring to the red module, usually the ring sits halfway to the stepped part of the ignition module itself. It may be way to far down or not down enough.

There are a couple of things you can check before calling so if you can make sure there are no other wires on the negative side of the coil other than the Black wire and if there is please measure the wire for voltage with the ignition on, this will be the most common cause of no spark. Measure the voltage on each wire to be sure that the wires are on the correct terminals with the 6 or 12 volt wire going to the positive side of the coil +’ve only.

Check the battery for a good voltage and ensure that the voltage is good when the vehicle is turning over by measuring the live side of the coil when the engine is being turned over.

If you do not have a spark when first installing our electronic solution then please contact us on 01527 889 453 and we will be able to offer help…

Make sure you inform us that you’ve tried all of the steps on our ‘No Spark’ help page!