V8 Distributor Installation Guide

Installing a new V8 distributor:

Before removing the old distributor from the engine turn the engine to TDC No1 position and confirm the position of the rotor arm ( should align with No1 lead ). No 1 spark plug when viewed from the front is at the front on the right hand bank.

Unclip the cap from the old distributor and carefully move to one side to allow the removal of the old distributor.

Undo the fixing clamp holding the distributor in position and remove, check the oil pump drive is the same design as the old one removed.

Fit the new distributor and confirm the rotor arm aligns with the No1 lead, observe that the distributor spindle rotates as the distributor is inserted and the drive gear is engaged and make allowance to ensure that the rotor arm is aligned to the No1 position.

If you have done this successfully you can refit the clamp and leave the distributor clamp loose enough to turn the distributor once the engine has started.

You can now do one of two things….

a) attach the old cap and leads that you previously put aside so you can start the engine


b) transfer each lead ….. one at a time ……from the old cap to the new cap.
With the ignition switched off.

Reconnect the 12 volt power lead to the module (or if converting from points) connect the positive terminal of the coil to the outer connector on the module and the other outer connector to the negative terminal of the coil (only the outer terminals are used on the three pin module)

Please see the picture of the module terminals below:

If using our convertor cable the blue and white lead is negative