Powerspark Electronic Ignition

A Powerspark ignition kit fits inside your existing distributor and replaces the points and condenser. The kit uses a simple magnetic trigger and optimises dwell to provide a reliable and consistent spark across the rev range. It is easy to install and maintenance free. Electronic ignition will give your classic car better starting and smoother running.

The kit will automatically shut down if the ignition is left switched on without the engine running to prevent component damage.

Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kits are designed to work with a coil resistance above 1.5 ohms, typically 3.0 ohms. Some performance coils operate at a lower resistance and will need the High Energy electronic ignition kit.

We recommend moving away from Copper core HT leads to protect any electronic ignition and to maximise the ignition capability. Click here to read more about our HT leads.


  • Easy to install
  • Replaces troublesome points and condenser
  • No visible difference in your engine bay
  • Improved starting
  • Improved performance
  • Improved durability
  • Maintenance free


– To be used with a coil resistance above 1.5 ohms only, unless your car is fitted with a ballast resistor and then the coil must be a ballast coil. (Typically ballast coil resistance is 1.5 Ohms and the ballast is 1.6 Ohms so the resistance is around 3 Ohms)

– We recommend our silicon coated carbon core HT Leads instead of copper

How does the Powerspark Electronic Ignition kit give benefits?

The POWERSPARK electronic circuit senses startup and develops more energy for quicker, easier starting, which leads to better fuel economy and smoother running in general.

It also has built in ‘over current protection’ that shuts down the system, preventing component damage if the ignition is left switched on and the engine not running.

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