Quick look at the Powerspark Ignition Kit K504 for Ducellier Distributor

K504 – Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit for Ducellier 4 Cylinder Distributor

Designed to fit Ducellier 4 Cylinder Distributors as fitted to the following cars:

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1962cc
Alpine 1600 1605cc & A310 1605cc 1647cc,
Citroen DS inc convertible 1985cc 2175cc 2347cc 2350cc, ID inc convertible 1898cc 1911cc
Dacia 1300 1289cc & 1310 1289cc,
DAF 55 1108cc & 66 1108cc 1298cc,
Fiat 242 1585cc 1995cc,
Lotus Europa 1470cc, a
Peugeot 204 inc convertible 1130cc, 404 inc convertible 1618cc, 504 inc convertible 1796cc 1971cc,
Renault 4 1108cc, 5 845cc 956cc, 6 1108cc, 10 1108cc 1289cc & 12 1289cc & 15 1289cc 1565cc & 16 1565cc 1647cc
Talbot Simca 1100 1118cc,
Volvo 340 & 360 1397cc & 66 1108cc 1289cc,
Volkswagen Derby 895cc 1093cc 1272cc & Polo 771cc 895cc 1093cc 1272cc

It is a complete kit to convert your car to electronic ignition. Fitting is easy and instructions are included with the packaging, as well as available online.

Electronic ignition will give your classic car better starting and smoother running.


– Easy to install
– Replaces troublesome points and condenser
– No visible difference in your engine bay
– Improved starting
– Improved performance
– Improved durability
– Maintenance free


– To be used with a higher powered ignition coil of less than 1.4 Ohm
– We recommend our silicon coated carbon core HT Leads instead of copper

Powerspark Electronic Ignition explained in more detail:

The kit uses a simple magnetic trigger and optimises dwell to provide a reliable and consistent spark across the rev range. It is easy to install and maintenance free.

Each kit comprises a baseplate with electronic module, trigger ring and all wiring. The new electronic baseplate mounts exactly where the points and condenser baseplate sat. The kit connects directly to the coil using the wires provided, red to the positive side and black to the negative side. The ignition kit will automatically shut down if the ignition is left switched on without the engine running to prevent component damage.

Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kits are designed to work with a coil resistance above 1.5 ohms, typically 3.0 ohms. Some performance coils operate at a lower resistance and will need the High Energy electronic ignition kit.

Pre Installation Checks

We recommend using silicon HT leads with electronic ignition ONLY
Using copper HT leads without resistors can cause premature failures to any electronic ignition and this can void your warranty.
Please be aware that this kit might come pre assembled and will require you to remove the ignition module from the base plate so you can attach the base plate to the distributor with the counter sunk screw supplied.

Pre Installation Checks

  • Please ensure you have a negative earth car if you have the negative earth kit and vice versa.
  • If your car has a Ballast ignition you are running a Ballast ignition coil such as a Lucas DLB110
  • Ensure there is a good earth to the distributor, ignition kit and ignition coil.
  • The Powerspark kit will operate on 6 volt or 12 volt Applications.
  • Make sure any Live wires are to the correct side of the coil e.g. auto choke

Installing the Ignition Kit

  1. Remove the points and condenser from the distributor.
  2. Check earth wire to ensure it is in good condition and not frayed, broken or missing (replace if needed).
  3. Place trigger ring over the central shaft ensuring a tight fitment do not force the trigger on.
  4. Install the ignition kit using your old screw fixing point
  5. Run the wire around the back of the kit making sure they won’t snag when the distributor advances.
  6. Connect the Ignition kit to the ignition coil ensuring the
    Powerspark red wire goes to Positive (+ VE, SW, or 15) on ignition coil.
    Powerspark Blackwire goes to Negative (- VE, CB, or 1) on ignition coil.
  7. Make sure your live ignition feed to the coil is on the positive terminal only.
  8. Please ensure you have this set of Points (below on the right)

Ducellier K504 Fitted

Please Contact Powerspark Ignition LTD if you have any questions or are unsure about anything
Call : 01527 889453
Email : sales@simonbbc.com

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