Quick look at the Powerspark KDA1 & KDA1PP 4 cyl DK4A electronic ignition

We recommend using silicon HT leads with electronic ignition ONLY
Using copper HT leads without resistors can cause premature failures to any electronic ignition and this can void your warranty.

Pre Installation Checks

  •  Please ensure you have a negative earth car if you have the negative earth kit and vice versa.
  • If your car has a Ballast ignition you are running a Ballast ignition coil such as a Lucas DLB110
  • Ensure there is a good earth to the distributor, ignition kit and ignition coil.
  • The Powerspark kit will operate on 6 volt or 12 volt Applications.
  • Make sure any Live wires are to the correct side of the coil e.g. auto choke
  • This ignition kit is supplied pre assembled on the base plate so no extra grease is needed on this version.

Installing the Ignition Kit

  1. Remove the points and condenser from the distributor on the internal Bakelite base plate.
  2. Install new Bakelite base plate and ensure screws are tight.
  3. Place trigger ring over the central shaft ensuring a tight fitment do not force the trigger on, if the ring does not slide on easily rub the inside of the trigger ring (this is rare)
  4. Run the wire around the back of the kit making sure they won’t snag when the distributor rotates.
  5. Connect the Ignition kit to the ignition coil ensuring you follow the instructions provided or relevant instructions.
  6. Neg Earth:
    Powerspark red wire goes to Positive (+ VE, SW, or 15) on ignition coil.
    Powerspark Blackwire goes to Negative (- VE, CB, or 1) on ignition coil.
  7. Positive Earth:
    Powerspark white wire goes to ignition feed taken off the ignition coil and left off
    Powerspark black wire taken to coil negative
    Coil earth terminal taken to earth
    If you are unsure please visit this website

Suitable for 6 and 12 volts system

DK4A bacolite plate

Please Contact Powerspark Ignition LTD if you have any questions
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Email : sales@simonbbc.com