Understanding Rover V8 Ignition Kits

We offer two different electronic ignition kits for the Rover V8 distributor Lucas 35D8 (the 8 part denoting V8).

Pre 1976 models usually feature a smaller triangular base plate with points

Post 1976 models usually feature a larger base plate with points

These differences in more detail:

Pre 1976 model – note the triangular base plate

Here is a comparison of the two varieties:

Rover V8 early and late distributors side by side comparison

These distributors could have either of the below drive gears fitted:

What about the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow…?

Although the Silver Shadow used the 6,230cc or 6,750cc L410B V8 engines developed Rolls Royce, they utilised Lucas running gear…

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow used the Lucas 35D Distributor.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Single points Conversion Kit:

For the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow / Corniche we have a newly designed ignition kit that fits onto the base plate in a specific place as shown below.