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POWERMAX red rotor arms – Explained


The Powermax rotor arm uses a ‘moulded in’ brass conductor and does away with the riveted old style conductor. The body is moulded using the latest materials and production machinery to close tolerances improving the fit and durability, and is suitable for high voltage coils and electronic ignitions and giving better performance and reliable accurate spark control at high r.p.m.

The Powermax red rotor arm is a must for the discerning enthusiast who understands the shortcomings and problems of the old rotor arms designed and built in the 60’s.

Main Reasons why the Red Rotor Arm is better than original Lucas rotor arms and replacement rotor arms

The integrally moulded brass inlay dispenses with the troublesome rivet used on most versions which is known to short circuit.

The increased insulation properties of the body makes them suitable for use with high voltage coils & electronic ignition kits.

The spring steel clip on the underside, in conjunction with a revised internal tolerance assures a really snug fit, even on old & slightly reduced diameter mountings.


  1. Hi Simon,
    You stopped the hemorrhage of cost on my 1970 Lotus Elan by providing a £25 electronic ignition kit to replace the fourfold cost of the market leaders equipment.
    Your Service was excellent, your understanding of forty year old cars impeccable and have re-ordered similar system for a rare old Metro City A series plus, with all confidence.
    Such help is not easily come by – I recommend you to all professionals and enthusiasts without reserve – thanks again.

    Graham Booton.

  2. I have bought electronic ignition systems from you for my Mini and also a distributor for my Spitfire. I am delighted with them, but I my Tachometer does not now work on the Spitfire. I had a similar problem when I converted my Mk3 E Type to a (different company) electronic system. I had to incorporate a diode between the negative contact on the coil and the tach to make it work. Will I have to do the same thing with your system on the Spitfire??

    Thanks, Brent Owen

    • Hi Brent

      Sorry for the delay in replying to you, regarding your Tacho this should not be a problem at all but please contact our technical department or sales deptartment for help on any problem that you encounter.



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