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Must-Hear Car Repair

There’s a strong on-air presence in the world of auto repair and modification. And despite the fact that cars are such a visual spectacle, much of the most impressive content comes in auditory form. Podcasters and radio personalities have been talking cars since the dawn of their respective mediums, and the format is surprisingly conducive to the messaging.
Here are the top five television programs you need to check out if you consider yourself a gearhead:
1. Car Talk is a classic, and one you’ve probably heard of already. Even the casual radio listener has probably tuned into the show at one point or another. Regardless, it’s always worth a stream. NPR’s seminal program was long-hosted hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi, who kept the audience entertained with everything from repair tips to automotive humor bits.
2. Under the Hood Show is another long-time favorite that repair enthusiasts should have queued up in their favorites. The show’s M.O. is repair, so you won’t have to skip around in the podcast in order to get some great information. Under the Hood is renowned for giving applicable tips that you can institute on the fly.
3. Car Tech is a clean, clear production that gives real motor enthusiasts some great information on how to restore, repair and improve their vehicles. The podcast was discontinued in the summer of 2012, but many of the shows are still available for download thanks to their hosting by CNET. Take a listen if you’re truly interested in the nitty-gritty of how your car gets from A to B.
4. The Car Doctor is a Houston-based radio show which airs every Saturday with host Skeeter Lothringer. A lot of the top car repair programs come out of Texas, but what sets The Car Doctor apart is Lothringer’s extensive history in the business which stretches all the way back to childhood. The show takes live call-ins, so listeners get real world opinions about real world car trouble.
5. Autoblog Podcast gives Autoblog readers a verbal extension of their favorite online publication. The podcasts, which are updated frequently, probe the minds of automotive journalists and personalities while covering nearly everything you can think of that relates to 4-wheeled transportation. If you’re interested in repairing everything from exotic dream cars to age-old clunkers, you’ll probably want to subscribe. These are some of the most informative installments you’ll find on TV or radio.
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