Omex Race Technology

For over a decade Omex Technology Systems Limited have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality electronic units mainly to the fast road and motorsport markets. From simple rev limiters and shift lights to full engine management ECUs for V12 racecars.

Now Supplied by Powerspark Ignition LTD the Omex products are the finishing touches to you Standard Road, Classic, Modern, Track or Race Car.
Take a look at what we have in stock.

Omex Clubman Rev Limiter & Launch control Single coil

Omex Shift light Pro LED gear shift light

Omex 4 Stage Sequential Shift Light

Omex Speed System Rev Limiter and Shift Light gear shift limit pro

Omex Rev Limiter & Launch control for Twin coil car gear shift takeoff control

Rev Limiter Clubman

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Works for and powerspark ignition LTD in the Sales Team

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