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Classic Cars you should buy: 1968 Ford Crayford Cortina MK2 TwinCam

An occasional blog series where we find cars from around the internet and try to persuade you to buy them… 


What is it?

1968 Ford Crayford Cortina MK2 TwinCam Convertible

Errr, what?

It’s a Ford Cortina, turned into a convertible by Crayford ‘back in the day’. With it’s Lotus TwinCam engine, this is a real peach of a classic car.

Where did you find it?

On eBay, here.

Why buy it?

LOOK at it! That is one very, very good looking soft top. It’s difficult to make a four seat convertible this stylish. The colours are fantastic, it’s fully restored, and it has Lotus power. There is a lot to love with this car.

How much is it?

£39,950 as stated.

Is that a lot?

No, not really. You can buy Cortina Crayford Convertibles a little cheaper, but not with the Lotus Twin Cam engine and probably not in this superb condition.

But can I fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition? 

These twin cam engines sometimes vary, so check out these electronic ignition kits:
Powerspark Electronic Ignition for Lucas 23D or 25D Kit number K2
Powerspark Electronic Ignition for Lucas 43D or 45D Kit number K4

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Here’s some more photos of the beautiful car…

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