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Ford Cologne V6 Distributor Now Available

How’s this for a rare classic car?

NO, we hear you say, it’s just a FORD SIERRA, how can that be a classic?

It’s a V6 engined Ford Sierra from 1984, featuring the six cylinder Ford Cologne engine.


Why is it rare? Well, when did you last see a square headlight Sierra…? With their robust build and powerful engines, many fell victim to the banger racing circuit, whilst the few that were left were prime suspects for the infamous scrappage scheme.

The Cologne V6 engine was used in a variety of Ford cars from 1962 up to 2011, and we can now supply a distributor to suit Cortina, Capri and Sierra engines from this period.

Easter Egg of the day… The eagle eyed among you will have spotted that the car in the photo is not a 1984 V6, but in fact a 1986 1.6, and it hasn’t been taxed for 17 years.

We suspect this is a press and media car, as it is a high spec Ghia with metallic paint, alloy wheels and a roof rack, all of which would have been expensive options to tick in 1986…

Incidentally, if you own a 1982 – 1984 V6 engined Sierra Estate, get in touch, we’ve got a discount code with your name on it!

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