Why you need your classic car now more than ever

Long Read: You need your classic car now more than ever

The past few weeks have been a challenging time for most of us. Restrictions on freedom of movement have meant confinement, and for a large majority of classic car enthusiasts, this has meant missing out. Events have been cancelled, local tours postponed, impromptu weekend trips are off the table. You might be opening the garage and looking forlornly at your poor classic car. Does it pine for you? Do the headlights look unusually sad today? Does it dream of being driven?

Right now, you need your classic car more than ever. Your classic car is more than just a form of transport; it’s a portal to another world. It’s a time machine that takes you back, it’s access to a beautiful world all viewed from behind the wheel of your favourite possession. You don’t need your classic car to go anywhere right now; you need your classic car to mentally take you somewhere right now. When you’re stuck at home, dream of where you’ll go, dream of what you’ll do when life returns to normal.

Plan that trip; take the time to map out the route, look at where you’ll stop, what you’ll take with you. Wile away the hours by cooking up the road trip you always promised yourself. Then ask the question, is my car ready?

There are plenty of things you can be cracking on with. We’ve waxed lyrical about the emotional side of owning a classic car, now get your tools out and make it happen! So many classic car parts retailers are alive and kicking, open for business and sending parts out to customers. There’s no excuse – every classic car in the country should drive out of lockdown in pristine condition, ready for a road trip and shining like a diamond.

Our electronic ignition kits are simple to fit, even for the mechanically challenged. New HT leads and a fresh ignition coil can improve your car no end, all jobs that are simple to do with very basic hand tools. Our website has a range of products to help improve your classic car, with really practical items such as trickle chargers and emergency jump starters to make your day-to-day classic life even easier.

OK, so you’re probably not going to complete a restoration that’s been languishing for years in a few lockdown weeks, but you should be using this time to reflect…

Does your classic fleet really suit your motoring needs?
Do the cars in your garage tick the boxes in your head?

If the answer is yes – then what can be done to improve the cars you own?

If the answer is no – then what do you need to buy or sell to turn the garage you’ve got into the garage you want?

New car sales may be stalling but from what we can tell by talking to partners and friends in classic car retail, the classic sector is active and vibrant. Not only are buyers actively taking to the internet due to the forced lockdown, but buyers are at home and taking calls and emails in response. Cars are changing hands because more people are online to look at them.

Thinking of selling your car?
Get outside and clean it, photograph it and list if for sale!

Thinking of buying a car?
Don’t be shy. Buyers are sitting at home waiting for your call.

Life is short and this lockdown should have taught you to value the time we have.

Thinking of improving your car?
Write a list!

How many of those can Powerspark Ignition help with?
Get it done. What’s stopping you?

The roads will open again; your favourite coastal cafe will be serving coffee once more.

Don’t mope around, turn those headlights upside down and look forward to driving into blue sky and sunshine.

We’re right there with you.

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One thought on “Why you need your classic car now more than ever”

  1. I have a 1956 Austin A90 Westminster. It suits me as I love the 50’s, the sweet 6 cylinder engine (from an A110) which allows me to keep up with modern traffic and it’s relatively easy to buy spares. I have fitted Powerspark ignition, leads,dizzy cap and coil and at the moment doesn’t need anything else.
    It’s the only car I need as:
    I haven’t the money to buy another one and I haven’t got room to store another one.
    What I do have, however, is a wife who’d kill me if I DID buy another one !!!!!!

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