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Classic Cars you should buy: This 1974 Volvo 240DL Estate

An occasional blog series where we find cars from around the internet and try to persuade you to buy them… 

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What is it?

Thanks for asking, it’s a 1974 Volvo 240DL Estate

Where did you find it?

Browsing the classic car section on eBay, of course.

Why buy it?

Launched in 1974, the Volvo 240is the iconic boxy estate and the undisputed father of the whole estate car movement. Think of the 740, 940, 850, V70 and all the other famous Volvos that follow, well this is great grandad. Respect your elders!

Volvo estates have been enjoying an impressive surge in values and interest, and this one is believed to be the oldest 240 Estate in the country. That makes it cool…. BUT…

It’s not just that. Take a look at the interior, sure, the outside needs a little work but this car harks back to a simpler time, and don’t those red seats just look wonderful?

It’s a couple of weekends work and a very exciting trip to the beach.

How much is it?

At the time of writing, £1,600 with four days to go.

Is that a lot?

It’s hard to say. It clearly needs some work, but the early ones just aren’t around any more. Good late cars are expensive!

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But can I fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition? 

Yes, the Volvo 240 Series uses our K6 Electronic Ignition Kit.

If I buy it, what will Powerspark Ignition give me?

Go on, do a bid, we’ll rustle up some HT leads and an ignition coil for you.

Bought the car and want to claim your prize? Phone Powerspark Ignition on 01527 889 453 and quote the reference ‘I bought that car you told me to buy

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Here’s some more photos of the car…

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