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Classic Cars you should buy: This 1961 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

An occasional blog series where we find cars from around the internet and try to persuade you to buy them… 

steve coogan e type

What is it?

It’s Steve Coogan’s Jaguar E Type, or at least it was, until yesterday.

Obviously being Alan Partidge’s car, it had to be just right. The TV star bought this (then red) Jaguar E Type after a long search for the perfect Jaaaaag, then had it restored inch-perfectly.

Errr, what?

We’ll break it down carefully… Very early car (one of the first 92 in right hand drive), outside bonnet locks, flat floor, demonstrator model. It was also the first E Type to enter Scotland.

Coogan bought it in recent years, when it was painted red. It was featured in Classic & Sports Car, and at the time the full history and significance of the Jag had just been uncovered. At the end of the article, Coogan hinted that it would be restored to it’s factory original specification.

Where did you find it?

It just sold at Silverstone Auctions online sale, actually.

Why buy it?

In E Type terms, this is about as good as they get.

How much is it?

Interestingly, Silverstone Auctions have now revised the web page so it says ‘undisclosed sum’, but we seem to remember that on Saturday the hammer price was stated as £316,000.

Is that a lot?

In Jaguar E Type terms, yes, but also no. The cost of restoring one of these cars is pretty huge, and this is a very significant car. The estimate against the sale was £300,000 to £350,000, so it hit right in the middle of the guestimate.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 15.56.34

But can I fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition?

We thought you’d never ask! Yes Mr Customer, we would love to fit aftermarket electronic ignition and our own HT leads to your inch-perfect, concours ready, factory original in every way Jaguar E Type.

You’ll be needing a Powerspark 45D6 Electronic Distributor, these L6 HT  Leads and why not go for a Viper ignition coil at the same time?




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