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Noises Your Classic Car Makes Which Are Cause for Concern

Classic cars are named as such due to their age an era defining looks. For example specialists will be able to tell you what year a car was made by analysing the interior as well as the overall chassis. As they are of a certain age classic cars may need more looking after then standard modern cars, they will also tend to make different noises due to the problems that may be happening within components such as the engine or exhaust. Read on below to find out more about the source of the noise is that your classic car and if they are truly a cause for concern

Rumbling Exhaust

A rumbling exhaust pipe is usually due to a cracked exhaust muffler. This crack occurs due to a leak into the exhaust muffler of your classic car. You will only really hear this noise when there is a problem with the exhaust muffler as it sounds within its name, it does suppress the sound of your exhaust pipe. Now if you realise the noise is getting louder find this means that the crack or leak has gotten larger, this means you are releasing more carbon monoxide into the environment which of course is not ideal! Try and get this problem sorted the second that you spot it.

Rattling Sound at Slow Speeds

If you begin to drive off in your classic car and you notice a rattling sound, this could be due to a loose lug nut within your wheel. The sound may go away as you increase your speed and return once again once it is reduced. This problem is mostly due to a recently fitted tyre not being properly fitted or a worn down lug nut that has gone bad. The simplest solution is to just tighten the lug nut on your wheel of your classic car, if you cannot solve the situation yourself then be sure to find a replacement from a professional.

Grinding Due to Shifting Gears

Grinding sounds on your classic car when you are shifting gears is usually due to a worn out clutch! Now this is a problem that occurs often in classic cars especially if the clutch has not been replaced in a while. If you suspect that your clutch is on its way out then be sure to get in touch with a professional mechanic unless you fancy your chances driving your classic car without a clutch!

Popping from Engine

Now the sound of popping when you are driving a classic car is actually extremely common. The reason for this is most likely due to a worn out spark plug within the engine, you may also hear this popping sound if your fuel filter has been clogged up. Be sure to book a car service with your local mechanic to narrow down what the exact problem and source of the popping noise is. If you find out that is an issue with the spark plugs then fear not, be sure to have a look at our broad range of spark plugs here at Powerspark Ignition.

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