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How to Clean Your Classic Car

Some people may believe that cleaning a classic car is the same as your standard modern car, this is not the case. You should not take your classic car through a car wash, as you would with a modern car. It is important to know all the rules and procedures to take proper car of your classic car, incorrect cleaning methods could lead to serious damages that cannot be fully repaired. Read on below to find out how to clean your classic car.

What’s Different About Cleaning a Classic Car?

Unlike your standard modern car, classic cars need to be washed using specialised materials. Something like using the wrong products or tools when cleaning your classic car can result in very costly damages. You have to be aware of possible rust issues that may occur to your classic car, this can occur if when you are drying the car you do not get rid of all the moisture as this will lead to rust damage.

 It is recommended that if you are someone who drives on a regular basis then you will want to wash your car at least once a week. Although this may seem a slight bit overboard, we can assure you that it is not. Cleaning your classic car is far more important than cleaning a regular vehicle, as it carries a significant amount of value that can be lost if contaminants like bugs or dirt are allowed to build up on the outside.

How to Clean Your Classic Car

As we have already mentioned, never take your classic car anywhere near a car wash! This may be putting your vehicle at risk for damage. Instead, wash it by hand using a sheepskin or cotton material. If you can’t easily reach certain areas by hand, you can use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Be sure to use specialist dish soap instead of the ordinary soap as not only will it make your car less eye-catching, but it will also lessen its value. It is vital that when cleaning your classic car that you work from the top down. If you start at the bottom of your car and work your way up, grime and other contaminants will drop onto sections that are already clean. Also, if you are only using one towel, starting at the bottom could cause you to transfer the harsh metal shavings and oil from the brakes onto the rest of the car.

After you’ve washed the majority of your classic car, it’s time to focus on your vehicle’s grimiest area, these being the wheels. Since they will have more buildup than anywhere else, you should use a new towel most effective cleansing. Once your car has been thoroughly cleaned, use a steady stream of water to rinse it off. Try to avoid using more water than you have to. Excessive water use could create pooling in hard-to-reach areas, which may cause rust damage.

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