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What is electronic ignition… do I need it in my classic car?

How do you convert a classic car to electronic ignition? Electronic ignition explained

A Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit replaces the mechanical points and condenser inside your distributor with a magnetically triggered ignition module.

Contact breaker points make and break an electrical circuit by opening and closing a mechanical switch. A Powerspark electronic ignition kit does away with these moving parts, instead replacing them with a magnetically triggered electronic ignition module. While conventional points need replacing and the timing adjusted after approx 6,000 miles, our electric ignition kits are fit and forget – there are no moving parts giving it a much longer life than a points set, and once set the timing will never need adjusting again.

With a points system, setting the points gap sets the dwell to a specific angle – dwell is the period that the points are closed, thus energising the coil. With a fixed dwell angle, the coil is energised for too long at low RPM, and insufficiently at high RPM. Our electronic ignition systems feature automatic intelligent dwell, so that the coil saturdaration is always optimised. From the 1980s onwards, car manufacturers adopted electronic ignition as standard, resulting in cars that were more reliable and required less maintenance. A powerspark electronic ignition kit provides the advantages of modern technology with minimal changes to your classic car. Without removiing the distributor cap it is virtually impossible to spot the upgrade.

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