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Improve your Land Rover Defender Turning Circle with the Bulldog Drop Arm

This extended drop arm gives you a smaller turning circle and more response from input on the steering wheel.

You only need one, for the side that the steering rack is on.

A much cheaper solution than an expensive steering box replacement!

Identical to the genuine Land Rover item, but 20mm longer giving a reduction in turns ‘lock to lock’ and quicker steering.

A one piece forging, MADE IN ENGLAND using high grade Chrome Molybdenum steel. Supplied fully machined, painted and ready for ball joint RBG000010.

The Steering drop arm is the “integral ball joint type”.

Suitable for all ADWEST Power Steering Boxes (Not Gemmer Steering Boxes)

Available in LEFT and RIGHT hand drive variants.

Suitable for:

– Land Rover Defender
– Land Rover Discovery 1
– Range Rover Classic (Late Models)

Due to the additional length of the arm, the front cross tube length will need adjusting/extending to connect to the longer arm and maintain full lock to lock travel.

In other words the steering wheel and box should remain in the straight ahead position after fitting the lengthened arm and the cross tube lengthened so the ball joint can be connected with the steering in this position.

Existing lock stop positions do not need changing. Full lock to lock movement should be operated to observe clearance, some aftermarket steering guards may need modifying to provide clearance with the new longer arm. It is not recommended to fit this longer arm to vehicles with large tyres, increased wheel off set or for off road speed events due to the increased shock load that can be caused on the steering Ideal for trial vehicles and road use only.

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