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Classic Ford fans rejoice! Powerspark Ignition have launched an off the shelf electronic distributor for the Ford Essex V6 engine. The new item features high quality construction of a single aluminium moulding, containing the patented Powerspark electronic ignition module.


The Essex V6 engine was made famous by iconic classics such as the Capri and Granada. Prior to the launch of the Powerspark Essex distributor, the only option for classic car enthusiasts was an expensive refurbishment of the existing part. The new launch from Powerspark means owners of Essex V6 engined cars no longer have to wait weeks a refurbishment service and can buy off the shelf from With pre-orders now being fulfilled, Powerspark expect the new Essex distributor to be a popular addition to the range.

The Essex V6 is another addition to the Ford range from Powerspark. With the addition of the Cologne V6 distributor last year, the range now includes brand new distributors for most of the stable of classic Fords.

Ford Capri Mk1 (1)


Need a lead for your Big Cat?

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OK the cat joke was bad… These HT Lead sets are suitable for E Type, XK 120, 140, 150, MK2, XJ Models, Daimler Sovereigns and more. Look no further for your classic Jaguar HT leads.

Red HT Leads for 6 Cylinder Jaguars –

Black HT Leads for 6 Cylinder Jaguars –

E Type 1966

Photo Credit:

1966 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2-Litre Fixed Head Coupe

To be sold by Monterey Auctions, August 18, 2017, Estimated $125,000 – $175,000, no reserve

HT Leads for your Ford Pinto

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The Ford Pinto engine is a 4 cylinder engine that appeared in the Capri, Cortina, Escort, Granada, Scorpio, Sierra, Sierra Sapphire, Taunus, Transit and a few more during it’s lifetime.

Our L22R (red) and L22B (black) Double Silicone HT Leads will fit all of these Ford Pinto applications, and are available off the shelf for your classic Ford. Go on, keep the old girl on the road and treat your car to a fresh set of high quality HT leads this summer.

Click to buy Ford Pinto Engine HT Leads in RED

Click to buy Ford Pinto Engine HT Leads in BLACK

Our HT leads use double silicone insulation surrounding a carbon ferroflex core for maximum spark transfer and minimal power loss. This combination gives you a strong, reliable, long lasting HT lead that’s perfect for use with electronic ignition. These HT leads are resistant to temperature, water, oil and chemical degradation. They meet ISO 3808 quality standard.

Key Points:

– UK made HT Lead
– Double silicone outer with highly conductive carbon ferroflex core
– Extremely strong and durable
– Ideal for use with electronic ignition

Ford Pinto Engine HT Leads in RED

Ford Pinto Engine HT Leads in BLACK



New Head Up Display added to Powerspark product range

Posted: June 26, 2017 by goodshoutmedia in Latest Products

This week we are proud to announce the arrival of a new Head Up Display to our range.

Did you know at 40mph, whilst looking at your dials for 1 second your car will cover 16 metres?

1 second and 16 metres could be the difference between seeing the brake lights of the car in front… and hitting it.

It could be the difference between seeing that ball bounce out from behind a parked car… or not.

Head Up Displays were developed for military pilots to ensure information can be received without any distraction. They project key vehicle information onto the windscreen.

These units connect to the OBD port on your car and mount on the dashboard. Being lightweight and compact, it’s easy to install and stow and remains subtle when not in use.

The Powerspark A200 is a more compact version of the original A8 Head Up Display, and features user programmable alerts for use whilst driving.

Browse our range here:


Powerspark A200 3.5 inch Head Up Display

3.5 inch display, showing Speed, RPM, Water Temperature, Battery Voltage

HUDA200 - With Image

Powerspark A8 5.5 inch Head Up Display

5.5 inch display, showing Speed, Engine Speed, Water Temperature, Instantaneous Fuel Consumption, Average Fuel Consumption, Single Driving Distance and Time, Battery Voltage

HUDA8 - With Image.jpg




NEW: Cologne and Essex V6 HT Leads

Posted: June 13, 2017 by goodshoutmedia in Latest Products

Own a #ClassicFord with an Essex or Cologne V6 Engine? Need new HT Leads?

Our HT Leads have been designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. They are UK made for the Highest quality and performance with ISO 3808 Class Noise Suppression. They feature Double silicon cable for maximum suppression and minimal interference. Powerspark’s HT leads are resistant to temperature, water, oil degradation and chemical attack.

Look no further >



New to Powerspark this week… The Dk4 Distributor Rotor Arm.

We launched the Austin 7 DK4A Distributor quite recently, and can now offer the rotor arm alone for customers that simply need a replacement.

Red moulded rotor arm to suit Lucas DK4A or Powerspark D31 Distributor as fitted to Austin 7… and many more!

Clockwise Rotation.

Click here to purchase

Why Moulded not riveted?

Our rotor arms utilise fully moulded construction instead of the original riveted design. Over time, rivets can become loose causing issues with reliability and rotor arms simply falling apart… A fully moulded unit can’t break apart no matter how much you drive the car. These are well built, strong replacement units.

R31-square.jpgPowerspark D31 Distributor Dk4A


Introducing a new bundle deal from Powerspark… Refresh the ignition of your Ford Cologne V6.

This bundle combines our Ford Cologne V6 Distributor (featuring Powerspark Electronic Ignition) with a set of high quality 8mm Silicone HT Leads and a solid core performance Viper Coil.

Sierra Image

Distributor Details:

Precision manufactured distributor containing a Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit and a brand new distributor cap. Easy to fit and install, this will upgrade your existing ignition to electronic ignition and the results are instantly recognisable. Electronic ignition can transform the starting and running of your car, giving better idling and better spark transfer when running.

Viper Coil Details:

The Viper Dry Ignition Coil is a modern high performance ignition coil designed to replace your traditional oil filled coil. Unlike a traditional coil, the Viper uses dry resin inside a secure housing instead of oil. This does away with temperamental performance associated with sloshing or dripping fluid, while keeping the same design characteristics of a traditional coil. Having a solid dry core means the Viper coil can be mounted on any angle without the risk of sloshing or dripping.

HT Lead Details:

Our HT Leads have been designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. They are UK made for the Highest quality and performance with ISO 3808 Class Noise Suppression. They feature Double silicon cable for maximum suppression and minimal interference, Our HT leads are resistant to temperature, water, oil degradation and chemical attack.



L10_STC1856 – Powerspark STC Relocation Kit with Ignition Module for 3 pin and 2 pin V8 Distributors

Just £29.95

This one used to be a hugely expensive fix… not anymore!

A quality solution for moving your ignition module away from any heat source.
Comes complete with the ignition module, fixing plate and a wiring harness to allow you to relocate your ignition module.

The fixing plate is the same as the STC1856 relocation plate or ERR5210 and can be mounted behind the ignition coil as in some models of Land Rover Discovery etc.. or simply mount anywhere away from a heat source or that can typically cause issues with the 2 pin or 3 pin ignition modules.

Ideal for anyone suffering with failing modules where heat or vibration are suspected.
Suitable for all 3 pin applications, however if your vehicle needs a 3 pin then you will need an additional 2 to 3 Pin Short Linking Lead.



This week at Powerspark we are happy to announce three new products from Lifeline.

The Pocket range of portable batteries are, as you can probably guess from the name, pocket sized portable power packs. With modern Li-Po technology, these little things are leagues ahead of previous generations of portable battery pack.

With the USB to USB2 and Apple Lightning cable, the Lifeline Pocket can charge any USB2 or Lightning device straight out of the box. With the right cable, it can charge any device that accepts a standard USB plug.

We love the finish of these products, they feel great quality, they’re sturdy and robust yet they really are pocket sized – even the largest of the Lifeline Pocket range is no bigger than the latest iPhone.


If you are always scrabbling around for a phone charger, or find your vaporiser battery flashing when you’re miles away from home, the Lifeline Pocket range will be perfect for you!

Lifeline Pocket 4,000

Lifeline Pocket 6,000

Lifeline Pocket 10,000

LLP All with text.jpg


LLA3 - Lifeline Ampstore Charger.jpg

Battery storage and charging experts Lifeline have launched two new emergency battery chargers, which are now on shelves and available to order at Powerspark Ignition.

LLA3 - Lifeline Ampstore

The Lifeline Ampstore and Ampstore PLUS are superb handheld jump starters for classic and modern cars. Featuring advanced battery technology,  both units are capable of jump starting a staggering number of cars considering they are small enough to keep in a glovebox.

The Ampstore comes in at just 17cm x 9cm wide x 3cm deep, meaning it takes up next to no space in your glovebox. Even the larger Ampstore PLUS is only 23cm long and just fractionally wider and deeper than the standard Ampstore.

Featuring rugged design and bright yellow colouring (making it hard to lose), these two chargers really are essential purchases for the avid motoring enthusiast.

Lifeline say that the Ampstore is capable of jump starting 20 cars from a single charge, whilst the Ampstore PLUS can manage an impressive 40 cars!

Both devices can retain their charge for 6 to 12 months, making them perfect for keeping in your car or in the garage in case of emergencies. What’s more, both devices can charge mobile electronics such as mobile phones, whilst the larger Ampstore PLUS is also able to charge laptops and notebooks.

Purchase yours here:

Lifeline Ampstore >

Lifeline Ampstore PLUS >

LLA21 - Lifeline Ampstore Plus

The marginally larger Ampstore PLUS