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Powerspark- Portable Lifeline, EP3 Multi-Function Jump starter, iPhone charger & multi-function torch – found HERE

The Powerspark EP3 Lifeline is very lightweight and a handy piece of equipment which will jump start your car when you are stuck with a flat battery and will also charge numerous mobile devices, including tablets and hand held gaming devices.  So you never have to be worried about being caught out when out and about or on the move. The EP3 is the ideal and perfect device for you to take on your holidays, long journeys, to festivals or corporate events as a backup device for those low battery emergencies. Weighing in at a mere 300g this unit is very lightweight, compact and sophisticated when comparedcompared to cheaper Chinese versions of the 18650.  It is supported by new lithium polymer battery technology  and would easily fit into the pocket or glove box for maximum portability.

Looking at the design of the EP3, it is very modern with a sleek white finish, supporting a flash light with three different modes including normal, strobe and S.O.S for the times where you could be left in the dark or needing a light source to hand. The EP3 also comes with a three way charging cable which includes a micro USB, IPod and the lighting connecter for the IPhone 5 and upwards, allowing you to charge and connect different devices. The EP3 will only take approximately three hours to fully charge and will last 6 to 10 months but we would recommend keeping the EP3 topped up every three months so as not be caught short. The EP3 will only take an hour to fully charge your phone; you can do this up to four times on one full charge of the EP3 device. Using the EP3 to start your vehicle is very simple as all you need to do is connect the battery clips that are provided in the pack to your vehicle; turn the key and away you go.  You can jump start a vehicle up to ten times on a full charge from one of these devices.

When the device does not have any power left it will be indicated using the L.E.D lights on the top of the device – 1 flashing being 0% and 4 solid lights meaning the device is fully charged. When you want to charge the device you can plug it into the mains at home or any standard three pin plug socket.  If you’re not at home or near a plug socket you are also provided with an in car charger so you can charge on the move.

  • Size – 132x75x25mm
  • Weight 300g
  • Output: 5v=2A
  • Input: 14V=1A
  • Starting Current: 200A
  • Peak Current: 400A
  • Small and lightweight portable power pack with the latest lithium polymer battery technology
  • Over voltage protection and under voltage protection
  • Fast charging low self-discharge cycle
  • Charging cycle more than 1000 times
  • Supports 12v jump starts as well as back up charging for many brands of mobile phones and tablets

Pack Contents:

EP3 jump starter li-po HTC iphone samsung ipad kindle nexus

Lifeline portable classic car jump starter

Convenient Mobile Device Charging with a Powerbank Lifeline.

Powerspark’s latest new product range is an all new selection of portable power sources.
Lifeline’s smallest model will fit on a key ring or in your pocket.  Our Lifelines are incorporated with brand new battery tech called ‘Li-Po technology’ (Lithium polymer).  This is the leading battery tech so do not confuse it with the 18650 type batteries (cheaper Chinese versions).
Owning a Powerbank will mean that when on the move your electrical devices will never be without power again.
The Lifeline can charge you mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets, gaming devices and mp3 players and nearly any mobile device.

The Lifeline range is sure to give you power wherever and whenever you may need it!!


Lifeline 2600mAh – PB111C – found HERE
The Powerbank PB-111C is very lightweight and only weighing at 68g it can be attached to a set of keys, lanyard or slipped in the pocket for the ultimate in portability and would take approximately 3 hours to fully charge this device.  One charge lasts up to 6 months – we recommend a recharge every 3 months to keep it at peak charge. This model would suit a person who might be running out of battery power at the crucial moment and needed a top up to see them through the rest of the day. The PB-111c can fully charge your phone and still have power left to give another device some much needed power too. This Powerbank comes in a variety of colours and can charge a wide variety of products including IPhone, Samsung, Mp3/4 players and also portable gaming consoles along with other portable electrical items.

mobile device charger walking charger charging

Powerspark lifeline mobile device charger walking charger charging



Lifeline 4000mAh – PB4000A – found HERE
The Powerbank PB-4000A is also very lightweight and portable, comparable to the PB-111C – weighing in at only 103g and would take around 5-6 hours to fully charge this device from a mains source and one charge lasts up to 6 months, although we recommend a recharge every 3 months to keep it at peak charge. This particular unit is very sleek and stylish and will easily fit into a travel bag or handbag for maximum portability whilst on the move. We would recommend the PB-4000A if you’re travelling long distances, on business trips, on holiday or even at outdoor events such as festivals or exhibitions where you are likely to become stuck without battery on your devices when crucially needed.


PB4000 tom

Lifeline 10000mAh – PB10000 – found HERE
The PB-1000 is designed for the heavier gadget user who constantly needs a battery top up. This Lifeline will only take 10-12 hours to fully charge from the mains and the unit still remains lightweight at only 215 grams – also sleek enough to be easily carried around in a bag or glove box for ease when out of the home. The PB-10000 has a higher output compared to the other Lifelines which means you can not only charge your smart phone but also charge tablets or run laptops from the high volume Lifeline and one charge lasts up to 6 months.  We recommend a recharge every 3 months to keep it at peak charge. The PB-10000 features twin usb ports to charge multiple items simultaneously, meaning you, your family and friends or work colleagues will never be without power again and with plenty of colours to choose from, this Lifeline is the top of the range.


PB-10000 V2