Dash cam captures Shoreham plane crash

Posted: August 27, 2015 by aidanv in Latest Products
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New vision has emerged of the terrifying moment a plane crashed into cars stuck in heavy traffic on the south coast of England.

Dash cam video taken by a motorist traveling along the A27 in Shoreham shows the military jet, which was taking part in the Shoreham air show, plummet to the ground.

The historic Hawker Hunter aircraft can be seen soaring over the queuing cars after it fails to pull out of a loop.

Within seconds the plane crashes onto the road ahead and a huge fireball erupts, sending black smoke billowing across the sky.

Motorist Vicky Stephens, 25, of nearby Chichester, was just one of the many motorists driving along the road when the aircraft hit.

“I didn’t see the plane, just a sudden cloud of black smoke like a mushroom cloud, so I knew straight away that something had hit. Luckily I stopped for petrol first or I’d have been right underneath it,” she told the Mirror.

Police have revealed that eleven people are ‘highly likely’ to have died following the tragic incident, which is the worst air show disaster to have occurred in Britain in more than 50 years.

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