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Classic Cars you should buy: This 1968 Triumph TR5 PI

What is it?

It’s a 1968 Triumph TR5 with Surrey Hardtop and Overdrive. In Jasmine Yellow.

powerspark-ignition-triumph-tr5-electronic-ignition_0005_Layer 8.jpg

Where did you find it?

For sale at Classic Connection, Surrey, Here

Why buy it?

It looks fantastic in Jasmine Yellow, there aren’t too many left and those that ARE still around don’t tend to change hands too often… owners like to hang on to these cars.

Also, check out the photos… Can you imagine wearing a flat cap and driving gloves with a packed lunch in a hamper behind you whilst enjoy some fine English countryside motoring through Scotland or the wilds of Yorkshire? (or Surrey, which is where the car was photographed)

How much is it?

£39,950 as stated.

Is that a lot?

Well, in 1968 it cost around £1,260 before taxes, that equates to £20,533.04 in today’s money.

In 1968 the average salary was £1,488, which equates to around £24,839 in 2017.

So the TR5 was equivalent to spending 80% of your annual salary on a car…

In 2017 the average salary is £27,000. Could you buy something as beautiful and desirable as this, brand new, for 80% of that figure, say around £22,000…?

Well, £22,000 is enough to get you a brand new MX-5, so the question is, which would you rather have brand new, machine built, four cylinder, super reliable, quick, lightweight, safety conscious sports car or a fine piece of British engineering bolted to a wonderful six-cylinder engine that’s sure to be noticed and appreciated anywhere you take it…?

But can I fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition? 

All Triumph TR cars use either a Lucas 25D6 Distributor or a Delco 6 Cylinder.

If your car has a Lucas 25D6 Distributor, then you’ll need our K1 Electronic Ignition Kit.
We also do a complete replacement distributor for the Lucas 25D6, in points or electronic.

If your car has a Delco 6 Cylinder Distributor, then you’ll need our K26 Electronic Ignition Kit. We also do a complete replacement Delco 6 Cylinder distributor.

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Here’s some more photos of the beautiful car…

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