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New Range of Emergency Jump Starters from Lifeline

LLA3 - Lifeline Ampstore Charger.jpg

Battery storage and charging experts Lifeline have launched two new emergency battery chargers, which are now on shelves and available to order at Powerspark Ignition.

LLA3 - Lifeline Ampstore

The Lifeline Ampstore and Ampstore PLUS are superb handheld jump starters for classic and modern cars. Featuring advanced battery technology,  both units are capable of jump starting a staggering number of cars considering they are small enough to keep in a glovebox.

The Ampstore comes in at just 17cm x 9cm wide x 3cm deep, meaning it takes up next to no space in your glovebox. Even the larger Ampstore PLUS is only 23cm long and just fractionally wider and deeper than the standard Ampstore.

Featuring rugged design and bright yellow colouring (making it hard to lose), these two chargers really are essential purchases for the avid motoring enthusiast.

Lifeline say that the Ampstore is capable of jump starting 20 cars from a single charge, whilst the Ampstore PLUS can manage an impressive 40 cars!

Both devices can retain their charge for 6 to 12 months, making them perfect for keeping in your car or in the garage in case of emergencies. What’s more, both devices can charge mobile electronics such as mobile phones, whilst the larger Ampstore PLUS is also able to charge laptops and notebooks.

Purchase yours here:

Lifeline Ampstore >

Lifeline Ampstore PLUS >

LLA21 - Lifeline Ampstore Plus

The marginally larger Ampstore PLUS

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