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Tips on Modernising Your Classic Car

At Powerspark we understand that some classic car users wish to step into the modern world whilst still having that luxury/vintage car feel. This means to still keep the majority of the attributes of the classic car as we have already created a blog as to why classic cars are so popular. Some modern elements are a vast improvement on what classic cars can offer and this is down to the advancement in technology in the last half-century. It could be a great idea then to combine modern elements within your classic car for sustainability as well as an overall improvement. Read on to find out tips on modernising your classic car.

Power Steering

Now one of the safest and bets inventions in car manufacturing history has to be power steering. Though some classic cars are fitted with power steering, it was only brought in 1951 and so some cars on the road from the 70’s may still not have it. Some drivers enjoy having full control of their steering, yet this is no longer practical for the modern era, the roads are busier are crowded meaning that careful steering is necessary. Try to get your classic car installed with power steering as this will also cut your fuel cost, consumption and make it easier for you to drive.

Air Conditioning

The classic cars around in the 70’s & 80’s tended to not really have air conditioning fitted, in the UK particularly some cars tended not to have air conditioning till even the start of the Millennium! However, every modern car nowadays is fitted with air conditioning so it would make sense for owners of classic cars to follow suit. Yes, we all love a convertible driving through the cool wind but for those damp humid days you can’t really beat air conditioning.

Electric Ignition System

This is something that we at Powerspark know more than most, we pride ourselves on proving the best quality electrical ignition kits that money can buy! Due to this we see the value in upgrading to an electric ignition system for your classic car. Cars built before the 80’s tended to use a points ignition system, so the majority of classic cars rely on the design switching the coil on and off. This means that over time the contact points will deteriorate over time and cause many problems due the large amount of moving components needed for the system to work. The more modern electric ignition system has fewer moving parts and does the same job, meaning there will be less wear and tear on your classic car.

Disc Brakes

Classic cars built before the 80’s used drum brakes. Whilst drum brakes are super-effective when you need to come to a complete stop, they can wear away rather easily and require constant adjustments. Disc brakes on the other hand, do not have these constant replacement needs and are also very easy to install. Be sure to check out our range of disc brake kits on our website such as the  Gunson Eezibleed Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Bleeding Kit, this is affordable and easy to fit to your classic car.

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