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The Best Finishes For Classic Cars

When you are buying a classic car, one of the main reasons for doing this is of course the look. Yes, you want it to be able to drive and function properly obviously but if the car does not look good then you are not going to drive it with the love and care it deserves. This is where a quality car finish comes in handy as if done to a professional standard, it can take a 4/10 car and make it look like a 8-9/10 classic car. Read on below for examples on the best finishes for classic cars.

Solid Finish

A solid finish is rather easy as solid colours are quite simple to apply. They are also one of the least expensive finishes to achieve however can still give your classic car that quality look. The colour options are a wide range of choices varying from midnight black to a bright white! The majority of cars on the road are painted with a solid finish as it is a very popular and cost effective choice.

Metallic Finish

A metallic finish is by no surprise, created by metal. The metal of choice is aluminum as it is a particularly light metal and is easy to apply. The metallic finish is based off aluminum and pigments which allows you to create any colour scheme of your choice, whether that is lime green or hot pink!

Candy Finish

Now we have all heard the phrase ‘eye-candy’ before and because of this it is very easy to imagine the effect that a candy finish will have on your classic car. The unique colour choices are created through a 3-step process. This consists of a reflective base, transparent coloured layer, as well as a clear coat layer to protect the design. This creates an effect on light as when the light makes contact with the candy finish, it passes through the clear layer and coloured layer and then is reflected back off the base. This creates the ‘candy’ look and makes the car look sweet. This process can be rather expensive however so only go with it if you are in the right financial position.

Pearl Finish

The pearl finish is one of the most transparent options for a classic car finish. It gives your classic car a shimmer in the light and is slightly richer than a metallic finish as the pigments are used differently. This is due to the pigments being involved in a multi-application process which in turn makes this option a better look than a metallic finish however it is also more expensive. Yet the finished sparkled coat that is produced with this process is well worth the price that you pay.

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