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What are our top 5 best selling electronic ignition kits?

The range of electronic ignition kits here at Powerspark Ignition now includes more than 100 different kits, which fit a huge array of classic cars. We are often asked which is the most popular, so here’s out Top 5 Best Selling Electronic Ignition Kits in video form… featuring Mr Bean, Basil Fawlty, some antique footage, a freezing cold winter and definitely no Morris Marinas being crushed by a piano.


Welcome to another Top Fives video from Powerspark Ignition! This week we are looking at our TOP FIVE best selling electronic ignition conversion kits from last month.

An electronic ignition kit replaces the points and sometimes troublesome condenser inside your distributor, giving you less moving parts for smoother running and swifter starting.

The K4 Ignition kit for Lucas 45D an 59D distributors

In at number one this month we have the K4, a kit that always features near the top because it replaces the points in the widely used Lucas 45D and 59D. If all of that was gobbledegook, then how about Classic Mini, Land Rover, MG and MGB? Those four cars were built in huge numbers, and they survive in droves today – hence it’s our best selling kit this month!


The K6 ignition kit for Bosch distributors

Our number two best seller is the K6, designed to give the gift of electronic ignition to German, Italian, British and Swedish cars which use the Bosch JF4, JFU4, 009, 050, SVDA, 0231, and more. We’re talking Alfa Romeo Giulias, a heap of classic Audis, the BMW 2002 et al, many iconic Fords from the 1970s,


K2 Ignition Kit for Lucas 25D distributors

Ah the Lucas 25D, Britain’s favourite distributor and the unit that appeared in house favourites including the All Agro Allegro, Ford Escort Twin Cam, Morris Marina, Riley Elf MK1 and 2, Sunbeam Alpine and many, many more. Once again it’s no surprise see the K2 kit in the top three best sellers, the list of vehicles this little kit fits is extensive! It even includes Mr Bean’s favourite car…the Reliant Robin.


The K34 ignition kit for Autolite and Prestolite distributors

It’s July 4th as we type this blog post, which is completely appropriate as American Independence Day leads us nicely to the Willys Jeep…which uses, you guessed it, the K34 electronic ignition kit. The 1945 Willys Jeep (also known as the CJ) was actually the first mass-produced civilian four-wheel drive car – Land Rover’s Series 1 didn’t go into production until 3 years later in 1948.


The K35 Ignition Kit for Magnetti Marelli 2 distributors

Ciao! Aftea whistlestop tour through the top four we’re finishing up in Italy with our K35 kit, which replaces the old fashioned points in one of the most popular cars ever made – The Fiat 500. The Nouva 500 arrived in 1957, remaining virtually unchanged until 1975 when it was replaced by the Fiat 126, which in turn gave way to the Cinquecento. It’s easy to think the 126 wasn’t as popular as the 500, but Fiat made almost a million more 126’s than 500s! The Fiat 500 has to be one of the ultimate practical classics… they’re numerous in the marketplace, easy to maintain, small when it comes to restoration and most importantly, they’ll pin a grin on your face wherever you’re driving. Thanks for enjoying a quick look at our Top 5s, lots more videos coming soon!

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