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Are the proposed 2 yearly MOT changes a good idea?

Let’s talk about the proposed MOT changes (Boris thinks moving it to every 2 years instead of every 1 year will save you some pennies)… So let’s look at this in real terms, with 5 real cars with 5 real-ish owners.

1. The Austin Healey. Owned by Roger*. Roger has owned it forever, restored it himself, rebuilt the brakes and clutch and engine, and he still takes it for an MOT every year even though he doesn’t need to, because that’s what he’s always done.

2. The Mini. Owned by Jason. Jason* is 20, he’s been building it since he was 15 with his dad. They’ll MOT it every year, and they know it needs the sills doing, but they’re OK for now, and they have completed the interior ready for the show season.

3. The Volvo. Owned by Geoff*. Geoff bought it for £250, but has spent more than £2,000 on it to ensure it’s safe and road worthy. He loves it, he knows it needs an exhaust and ideally a cambelt, but he’ll do that when he has the money.

4. The Cavalier. It’s owned by Mike*, who’s selling it on behalf of the elderly owner. It needs a LOT of work, but Mike knows it, and the person who’s going to buy it knows it.

And lastly…

5. The Nissan Juke. It was leased new by Karen*, who ran it for three years, did 35,000 miles and never so much as opened the bonnet or changed a tyre. At it it’s first MOT, both front tyres were through the cords, and the rears were suspect, but it was MOT’d by a dealer who was selling the car, so they let it slide with some really naff budget front tyres and some brake pads.

It’s then bought by Sarah*, who assumes the car is kosher as it’s come from a dealer who has mostly good reviews. It probably won’t rust like the Mini or rot like the Cavalier, but like every car here, it will need the springs, shocks, bushes, brakes, tyres and emissions checking every year just to keep on top of it, because Sarah has a busy life, isn’t into cars and will never check any of those things herself – meaning the car could be dangerous and she would never know.

So there we go, in a nutshell, thats why we need the annual MOT. It’s probably not for you, because if you follow us, you know this. But share this with some of your ‘not car friends’ and they’ll understand.

*The names are made up, change them any way you like.


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