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Viper Blue Ignition Coil replaces the Original Bosch Blue

At Powerspark, we have been playing around with air cooled VWs, for a very long time.

Back in the day, no self respecting Volkswagen enthusiast would have a coil other than a Bosch Blue in the engine bay.

With a set of brightly coloured H T leads and a, (somewhat inappropriately named) ‘quiet pack’ exhaust, it sent the message loud and clear that you were a serious enthusiast.

We have used a number of coils on our nineteen sixty four Beetle but what we really wanted was the vintage vibe of the classic Bosch blue painted coil, which of course had been out of production for a decade or two.

So we decided to make one. Well, hundreds of them actually. Each one packed in a special limited edition ‘Blue’ box and with a decal pack to emulate the yellow and red of the classic Bosch blue coil.

The Viper Blue was born…. We grabbed the first one off the production line and fitted it to the sixty four.

Get your Viper VCS Blue from Powerspark, today !!

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