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Bosch Screamer Kit with a modern twist – Screaming Viper Blue

Let’s take a groovy trip down memory lane to the California VW scene of the 60s and 70s, where fearless VW Beetles like Darrell Vittone’s EMPI Inch Pincher and Doug Gordon’s UnderDog were smoking V8 Mustangs and Camaros on the Carlsbad drag strip. The secret to a hot street VW was the twin Webbers, a 4 into 1 ‘Dual Quiet Pack’ exhaust, a centrifugal distributor, and the iconic Bosch ‘Blue’ coil. As the legendary book ‘How to HOTROD VOLKSWAGEN ENGINES’ stated, “the Bosch ‘Blue’ coil adds a splash of colour to the engine, dressing up the black fan housing.”

In the 70s and 80s, the Bosch Screamer Ignition Kit, featuring the 009 distributor, Blue coil, and silicone HT leads, became the go-to upgrade for any modified VW, from the Cal Looker to the Baja to the Camper. However, the blue paint on the coil eventually vanished, replaced by a mere sticker, and the supply dwindled to nothing. But fear not, my fellow VW enthusiasts, for the Viper Blue is here to fill the void!

With the same cutting-edge dry resin technology found in the rest of the Viper range, the VCS-BLUE boasts a sporty coil spec that maximizes spark performance, painted in the perfect shade of blue and packaged in a limited edition box and to complete the vintage-inspired look, we’re even including a sticker kit! We’ve already installed one on our twin Dellorto ’64 VW, and not only does it perform like a dream, but it looks like one too.

Introducing our very own Screaming Viper kit, featuring your choice of the 009 or 034/SVDA distributor, Viper Blue coil, and a set of high-performance 8mm Powerspark HT leads. So why settle for anything less when you can have the ultimate VW ignition upgrade? Get yours now and experience the full power of the Viper VCS-BLUE!

Find the Viper Blue Dry Ignition Coil here : HERE

and visit our website to search simply for the Viper Screamer Kit : HERE

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