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As many of you are at home with your classic cars, we want to stop the thumb twiddling. Here’s 5 easy and cheap modifications to improve your classsic car in the coming weeks.

Powerspark Facebook Competition La-Toya Austin

LaToya knows a thing or two… Here Austin Vanden Plas runs on Powerspark Electronic Ignition.

1. Improve your spark – Fit Electronic Ignition


Powerspark Ignition have been the UK’s leading supplier of electronic ignition conversion kits for a decade, and that doesn’t look set to change any time soon. These kits are easy to install for the home mechanic, come with complete instructions and make no permanent change to your engine… If you want to put your car back to factory specification simple remove the kit and pop your points back in.

Although you wouldn’t want to, a Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit improves starting, idling, throttle response and fuel economy. Don’t believe us? Read our reviews!

Shop for Electronic Ignition for your classic car now

2. Maintain your spark – Upgrade your HT Leads

L_Mag_L022People can go for years without upgrading their HT leads, so why not take the chance to indulge in this easy improvement? If you are upgrading to electronic ignition, you’ll need to be running silicone HT leads – copper leads will break down the ignition kit over time, and might leave you stranded. Don’t risk it. We have a great range of HT leads in a variety of colours, many of which are hand made at our Worcestershire HQ in the United Kingdom. Can’t see the leads you need for your classic? Get in touch, we’ll make ’em from scratch.

Shop for HT leads for your classic car now

3. Replace that old and rusty Ignition Coil

VCS-MBOften when customers speak to our staff, we ask ‘when did you last replace the ignition coil?’ and more often than not, there is a long silence, followed by ‘i’m not sure’ or ‘it’s been on the car since I had it’. Generally, replacing your ignition coil means undoing one clamp and swapping out two wires. There really is no excuse! We have a complete range, including traditional Lucas coils, oil filled coils and the best selling Viper. The Viper uses no oil, so no drips and no sloshing.

Shop for an Ignition Coil for your classic car now

4. Look after your battery with a Battery Isolator

ia_bat_isolator_wIf your car is laid up during winter or for any length of time, or if you are worried about security, a battery isolator is a great addition to your car. It acts as your battery terminal, but utilises a simple ‘screw on / screw off’ mechanism to engage and disengage the battery. Perfect to stop your battery draining down, and one more step to slow down any would be thieves. A pocket money modification that might save you headaches.

Shop for battery isolators for your classic car now

5. Keep it all topped up with a battery optimiser

B6001_2018_clipsAnother simple way to stop your car draining down during periods of inactivity is a battery trickle charger. Our Lifeline B6001 isn’t just a charger, it’s an optimiser that constantly monitors the performance and status of your battery and tops it up accordingly. We have sold thousands of these, they are cheaper than more expensive alternatives but from what we are told (and what we know) they do a better job.

Shop for battery trickle chargers for your classic car

“Late on Friday night my wife popped out to put the electronically operated roof back on our convertible Golf 2.0 MK3, as we’d had the top down earlier in the day. To do that you need the keys in the ignition….

On Monday morning, we couldn’t find the keys… sure enough, they were in the ignition, with the key at position 2. Needless to say, the battery couldn’t be flatter. We grabbed an Ampstore from Powerspark, and straight out of the box without even charging the device up it started the Golf almost immediately. Buy one. Buy one now”

This week at Powerspark we are happy to announce three new products from Lifeline.

The Pocket range of portable batteries are, as you can probably guess from the name, pocket sized portable power packs. With modern Li-Po technology, these little things are leagues ahead of previous generations of portable battery pack.

With the USB to USB2 and Apple Lightning cable, the Lifeline Pocket can charge any USB2 or Lightning device straight out of the box. With the right cable, it can charge any device that accepts a standard USB plug.

We love the finish of these products, they feel great quality, they’re sturdy and robust yet they really are pocket sized – even the largest of the Lifeline Pocket range is no bigger than the latest iPhone.


If you are always scrabbling around for a phone charger, or find your vaporiser battery flashing when you’re miles away from home, the Lifeline Pocket range will be perfect for you!

Lifeline Pocket 4,000

Lifeline Pocket 6,000

Lifeline Pocket 10,000

LLP All with text.jpg

Product Review: Lifeline Ampstore

Posted: May 9, 2017 by goodshoutmedia in Latest Products, Lifeline Products

The Barefoot Mechanic – Adventures with a 1964 Volkswagen.


Starting the car from flat… with a nifty new product from Powerspark

The car is not quite as pristine as you see in the picture and It needs a little Powerspark goodness. Last time out it was forced into service as a daily driver during a particularly wet and muddy December. It’s since been left parked in its the garage for a more than a year. So, it’s grubby, has a flat battery and the MoT has expired. Nothing that can’t be sorted, but first thing is to get the engine running…

A quirk of this car is that its big dual Dellorto carburettor setup will dry out if left for any length of time, so it will take a lot of engine cranking before it will fire. Despite charging the battery for a good few hours, there wasn’t enough power to crank the engine fast or long enough to get it started. That’s just not going to happen with this old battery! Powerspark to the rescue with the new Lifeline Ampstore Plus Portable Emergency Jump Starter.

LLA21 - Lifeline Ampstore Plus


The Lifeline Ampstore Plus Portable Emergency Jump Starter is a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery pack small enough fit in you pocket, yet powerful enough for several jumpstarts. But could it possibly start the reluctant VW? This will surely be a test…

Now, with dual Dellorto carburettors it can take a minute or more of cranking to prime the carbs from dry. Oh, and just to make things interesting, while the battery had been on charge, I swapped the 009 distributor for an SVDA, and I’m just hoping that the HT leads are in the right places…

I connected the jump start unit to the Ampstore Plus, then the heavy duty clips to the battery we’re ready to go. The instructions state that you mustn’t crank for more than 3 seconds. If the engine does’t start, wait 30 seconds before trying again.

When this car is used regularly, the engine always starts first go, but with those big carbs needing priming, the routine is crank 3 seconds, wait 30 seconds, crank 3 seconds, wait 30 seconds, until it fires. Will the tiny Ampstore Plus be up to it?

It cranks fast with the Jump Starter connected and sure enough, after maybe six or seven attempts, the engine spluttered into life. I’m impressed! It’s cold and dark outside, so to try out more of its features, I set about using the built-in torch to help check the tyre pressures on the daily driver before heading back into the warm to charge my phone from one of the Ampstore Plus’s two USB ports. Checking the charge indicator showed it still had plenty of power left.

The troublesome VW hadn’t made a dent in the Ampstore Plus‘s power.

What a fantastic bit of kit!

Purchase your Lifeline Ampstore Plus here:

Lifeline Ampstore Plus Portable Emergency Jump Starter

Next up, getting the timing set accurately with with a strobe timing light…

LLA3 - Lifeline Ampstore.jpg