Classic Cars you should buy: This 1971 Opel GT

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What is it?

It’s a 1971 Opel GT

Where did you find it?

For sale at on Car & Classic, HERE

Why buy it?

Well a Ferrari 250 GTO will set you back something like £23m and a Toyota 2000 GT close to £1m. So you’re getting the rear end looks of a Ferrari 250 GTO and the front end style of a Toyota 2000 GT for literally a fraction of the price.

How much is it?


Is that a lot?

Well, there aren’t exactly many of these for sale. According to, there are 29 registered in the UK that are on the road. So importing this one and getting it registered on UK plates would increase the national population of Opel GT owners by one!

But can I fit Powerspark Electronic Ignition? 

Yes, the Opel GT uses our K6 Electronic Ignition Kit.

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Here’s some more photos:

Powerspark Ignition and a Peugeot 504 Cabriolet

A customer recently installed a Powerspark K504 Electronic Ignition kit in his Peugeot 504 Cabriolet…

(Library Photo – Peugeot 504 Cabriolet)

Here’s the verdict:

‘My car uses a Ducellier M95 Distributor and Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection pump, which is different to the more widely available 504 Saloon. Having been quoted €2000 to have the fuel injection pump overhauled I was at my wits end with the rough running of the car. The idle was supposed to be at 950rpm but I was having to set it at 1500rpm just to get smooth enough running for day to day use, and there was quite a delay when pressing the throttle…

With the Powerspark kit, it’ll now idle comfortably at 750rpm and putting your hand over the exhaust gives a consistent and powerful rythmn, where before it was weak, unpredictable and out of time. Having installed the Powerspark kit the difference is incredible. Revving is smoother, fall back is smoother… It’s like a different car’

Our K504 Electronic Ignition kit fits a large variety of cars.

If your car is using a Ducellier distributor and you wish to install electronic ignition, please contact us.

Ford Cologne V6 Bundle Deal Now Available

Introducing a new bundle deal from Powerspark… Refresh the ignition of your Ford Cologne V6.

This bundle combines our Ford Cologne V6 Distributor (featuring Powerspark Electronic Ignition) with a set of high quality 8mm Silicone HT Leads and a solid core performance Viper Coil.

Sierra Image

Distributor Details:

Precision manufactured distributor containing a Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit and a brand new distributor cap. Easy to fit and install, this will upgrade your existing ignition to electronic ignition and the results are instantly recognisable. Electronic ignition can transform the starting and running of your car, giving better idling and better spark transfer when running.

Viper Coil Details:

The Viper Dry Ignition Coil is a modern high performance ignition coil designed to replace your traditional oil filled coil. Unlike a traditional coil, the Viper uses dry resin inside a secure housing instead of oil. This does away with temperamental performance associated with sloshing or dripping fluid, while keeping the same design characteristics of a traditional coil. Having a solid dry core means the Viper coil can be mounted on any angle without the risk of sloshing or dripping.

HT Lead Details:

Our HT Leads have been designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. They are UK made for the Highest quality and performance with ISO 3808 Class Noise Suppression. They feature Double silicon cable for maximum suppression and minimal interference, Our HT leads are resistant to temperature, water, oil degradation and chemical attack.


Fitting Powerspark Electronic Ignition to a Mini

Although we have plenty of our own ‘How To’ guides and instructions, we liked this one a lot because it was done by a customer without any input from ourselves. It shows just how easy it is to fit electronic ignition to your classic car.

This post was originally written by ‘KernowCooper’ from The Mini Forum… Also known as Dave:

I’m going to do a step by step guide in fitting a Electronic Ignition Kit to a Mini with a 45D Lucas Distributor as the example but the Lucas 25/59Ds are done in exactly the same way.

I’m using a Powersparks Kit Model No K4 in my own Distributor as a example.

Important points before we start is  Reversing the Red and Black ignition wires will destroy the ignition module and void the warranty. Using a coil with too little primary resistance can cause the ignition module to overheat and fail, thus voiding the warranty. This Will Be Covered In The Install Guide.

Included in the Kit is:

– The Ignition Module
– The Trigger Ring
– Small Cable tie
– Heat Transfer Paste.

1. Remove the Distributor Cap And Rotor Arm, Check inside the Distributor Cap for cracks and condition of the segments for corrosion
2. Remove the Points and Condenser and the LT lead through the Distributor body and disconnect the wire from the connector.
3. Be Careful of the earth wire between the Baseplate and Distributor body
4. Apply a covering of the Thermal Paste to the bottom of the Trigger unit and secure to the Baseplate (This gives heat transfer away from the module)
5. Install the module as shown in Picture 3 (I have removed the Baseplate only to show a better picture) You can do yours in place.
6. Once the Trigger Module is installed correctly and secured with the retaining screws, feed the wires and locate the cable grommet in the Distributor Body
7. Ensure the Red and Black cables have a run inline with the Distributor Body and are not pulled tight, this would not allow the Vacuum Advance to work if to tight. You can secure the 2 cables together with the small cable tie as required
8. Install the Trigger Ring onto the Distributor Shaft by locating the 4 cut outs correctly with the cam lobes and push down fully.
9. Install the supplied new Red Rotor Arm and replace the cap

Your now ready to connect the wiring. Negative Earth Vehicles

10.Connect the Black wire from the Module with the Male 6.3mm Spade Terminal into the wire you disconnected your points from.
11.Check the Vehicle Wiring on the Coil + (Positive) if you have one White Wire then your coil should be a 12v and connect it as per Picture 1
12. If you have a White/Pink and a White/ Yellow wire on the coil + (Positive) your car has a Ballasted Ignition System See below

Ballasted Ignition Wiring
13. Ballasted Ignition wiring is as follows. The Black wire from the Trigger Module remains the same on the Coil – (Negative) LT Wire
14. The Red Wire from the Trigger Module is Connected to a new 12v Ignition Feed from the Fuse Box.

Converting To A 12v Ignition System
15. You could if you bought a Kit convert the Ignition to a 12v System and then the White/Pink and White/Yellow wires are removed and the new 12v feed onto the + Terminal of the new coil.

Double Checking The Coil
16. How to test the Resistance of the coil, Place a Multimeter across the + and – of the Coil Terminals and a Ballasted Coil reads approx 1.5 Ohms and a standard Coil read approx 3 Ohms

I Recommend doing the conversion to a 12v Coil as the standard Ballast wiring the resistor has been known to overheat and damage the vehicles wiring loom

17. You are now ready to start the engine.

Start the engine and it is now time to check the Ignition Timing, This is because the Trigger Module and The Trigger Ring most likely has a different point in switching the Coil compared to the mechanical heal of the old Points.

Once you have set the timing in accordance with the Manufactures Specification its time to test the vehicle.


Can I increase my Plug Gaps? You can if you have a High Output Coil and the rest of your Ignition (Leads, Plugs, Cap) is in Good Condition Try 28/30thou as a starter and reduce if you get a misfire.

I have a Lucas 59D Distributor Does the small pin that moves the Blue Type points need to be removed? , Yes it does it prevents the Trigger Module From Locating Correctly See Picture 2 Below. I would remove the Baseplate and Cut the Post down, some have suggested bending it but I’d Nor Recommend That, as it could distort the Baseplate and prevent the Vacuum Advance from working.

If you require any more Information check out Powerspark Ignition website FAQs Here
Or speak to the team on 01527 889453


If after fitting your engine refuses to fire bring the trigger ring up below the rotor arm, or buy the rotor arm with the trigger ring made on it.

Thanks for the post, guys!

Powerspark Electronic ignition distributor fitted to 1641 with dual ICT’s

8-10-2015 145


The new distributor works great,it got rid of the dead spot when staring out and runs great. Here is a picture of it installed I recently had the engine rebuilt new crank, heads, cylinders, carbs and manifold, clutch and flywheel. But I left the 009 on and it had a dead spot and the engine would buck even after rebuild, the Powerspark 034 Electronic Distributor fixed it and is now driveable again.

Thanks Randall

Powerspark Electronic distributor and Aldon Amethyst fully programmable ignition system

A few weeks ago we launched The Aldon Amethyst fully programmable and Mappable ignition system. We are now supplying the Aldon Amethyst with one of our distributors and Lucas Gold Sports DLB105 Non Ballast Ignition Coil. This set up is ready to go just install the ignition map into the amethyst and wire it up.

For A Series Engines please Click here

For A+ Engines please Click here

All instructions for installation are supplied in the box but if you have any questions or queries about this please contact us on 01527 889453 or [email protected]


Powersparks A+ Non Vaccum Distrbutor, Coil and Lead set @ the NEC Jan 2013

Just a quick post to show you all this awesome bit of kit at the NEC Jan 2013 this is super light mini stock car, running our A+ non Vac distributor a Lucas gold sports coil (DLB105) & our set of red 8mm Racing HT leads to specification.


To Purchase this Distributor please visit this LINK
To Purchase the coil used in the application please visit this LINK
To Purchase this Leads used in the application please visit this LINK and please leave a note of the application for correct lengths

Classic Car Restoration Project Story

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