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Viper Dry Coil Technology – The difference between reliability and failure

Viper Dry Ignition Coil DLB105 VCS
Viper Dry Ignition Coil

The market is a wash with low quality imported coils that simply are not worth the price tag and currently the buzz in the Classic Car market with ignition coils is the Viper Dry coil, instead of a traditional oil filled canister the Viper is filled entirely with epoxy resin. Designed with modern materials to ensure robust quality and to deliver performance where performance is needed this latest design of ignition coil gives protection for the internal components and having an ignition coil that can deal with heat, that does not leak and does not fail at the first sign of increased stress is crucial to keeping the classic cars on the road.

Presented in a traditional wet coil body this ignition coil is taking the market by storm, the current range has specifications covering the DLB105 Gold sports coil and the DLB198 High Energy electronic ignition coil and not forgetting the DLB110 sports ballast coil for those of you running a ballast resisted system.

Delivering improved spark with high KV ratings in a reliable and robust design is what will help keep your Classic car on the road for longer and this is always a good thing

Find the Viper coils here :

VC110 :

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